Organize. Pool.
Invest. Manage. Build.

Tribevest gives you everything you need to run your investor tribe smoothly.

Organize. Pool.
Invest. Manage. Build.

Create your tribe and start building wealth

We make it easy to brand, plan, and share

Create and share your tribe plan
Customize your tribe's branding
Open your tribe up to public membership requests
Distribute unique invite codes to invite others

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Easily setup your business entity

Form an LLC in any of the 50 states

Import your existing business entity into Tribevest
LLC Filing Wizard for all 50 states
Automated Employer Identification Number (EIN) creation
Registered agent services
Operating Agreement Creation Wizard

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Collaborate, share, and chat in real-time

From virtual tribe board room to documents

Customize your tribe's shared dashboard
Chat with your tribe with a real-time discussion feed
Gather in your virtual tribe board room
Upload and share secure documents
Extend access to advisors and trusted 3rd parties

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Manage your tribe's contributions

Funding rounds and recurring contributions

Structured funding rounds
Contributions history and ledger
Monthly recurring contributions
Contribution scheduling and management
Upcoming and returned contribution notifications
Import historical contributions
Track member payouts and distributions
Automated Cap Table population

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Assign roles and configure bylaws

Propose votes and file amendments

Configure your tribe's bylaws and voting thresholds
Propose motions to vote as a tribe
Track historical voting record
Assign member roles and permissions
File your Articles of Amendment

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Business banking made simple and seamless

FDIC Insured banking directly in Tribevest

Open FDIC Insured Business Bank account
Bank directly from Tribevest's platform
Shared banking dashboard for all your members
Send and receive wires
Initiate ACH transfers
View account statements and transaction history
Issue debit cards to members
Link external and 3rd party accounts

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Manage your investment portfolio

Import, track, and manage performance

Import existing investment portfolio
Track investments
Access portfolio performance metrics

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We want you to spend time investing, not organizing.

Tribevest is a collaborative investment platform enabling friends and families to easily organize, fund, and manage investments.

For friends and family who want to invest together

Tribevest is a collaborative, group investment platform that enables friends and family to organize as an investor group, pool money, and manage joint investments.

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