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Tribevest standardizes and simplifies group investing.
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Pricing Overview

Without a proven process, group investing can cost you time, money, and in some cases, friendships. We've streamlined the process, so you can focus on having fun building wealth with friends. 

Tribevest Launch Package

$249 setup fee

Tribe Launch Package is required for both Business and Boss plans


  • LLC creation & filing couldn’t be easier. We integrate directly with the Secretary of State’s Office*
  • Operating Agreement Configurator
  • Articles of Organization creation & filing
  • EIN Creation - We integrate with the IRS for you.
  • Registered Agent & Mail Forwarding as required
  • FDIC Insured Business Bank Accounts with digital signatures for members & simple account linking for funding the tribe

Setup Is Always Included
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Save 25%
Annual Monthly
Tribevest Business

Billed monthly
Billed annually


Save Hundreds of hours managing partner communications, decisions, transactions, records and reporting. Stay compliant and skip the pain of managing your group manually.


  • Collaboration and Voting Tools
  • Cap table Managment
  • Transactions Ledger
  • Full Service Banking
  • Updates & Activity Reports shared with members
  • Automated State Filings
Tribevest Boss

Billed monthly
Billed annually


Leave nothing to question. Resolve all doubts. Our dedicated tribe experts are ready to provide whiteglove onboarding and premium level access to tribe resources, insights and support.


  • Red carpet for onboarding members
  • Dedicated Tribe Expert
  • VIP support link we add to your dashboard.
  • Access to service provider network (+ discounts!)
  • Network with other tribe founders
  • VIP access to annual Tribevest Conference
  • (live or virtual, this alone is worth $500 per member!)

Tribevest Features & Pricing

How we standardize and de-risk investing together.


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Align your Tribe

Free (and we make it easy)

Activate Your Tribe

Select Your Plan & we'll take care of everything.

Tribevest Makes Forming and Running
an Investing Group Easy

Founders: Align Seamlessly, Activate Effortlessly, and Invest Collaboratively

Tribevest made the path as clear as possible to gather a group of people together to say 'hey we are going to form this LLC, the LLC is going to make this investment and we are all going to be in this together.'

Wade Preston
Together We Prevail

Tribevest is a great solution for what I needed. It’s the perfect solution for people who are starting from scratch and figuring out how to invest. 

Time2Talk Angels

I had wanted to start group investing for 10 years, but the admin burden was always there. The beautiful thing about Tribevest, in this larger movement to democratize and decentralize capital, is that it gives us the tools to easily organize.

Tre Baker
DeCab Future

Members: Align on the Plan, Communicate Effectively, and Level Up Together.

We have over $1M of investments that have been very successful, and all I do is put in my monthly contribution. That’s the power of Tribevest. You pool your capital, you find a shared focus, find members that you have a common interest with, and really the sky’s the limit.

Kevin Danni

As I began to look for deals, I knew I was going to need people to actually help me to push the button and begin. Tribevest provides the ability to bring a group of people together, and be able to protect everyone involved by forming our own LLC.

Faith Jones
Five Doves Investor Tribe 2.0

Tribevest has allowed me to make 8 or 9 different investments by allocating a smaller amount of capital and combining that with like-minded individuals. Tribevest gives you the ability to form this LLC and diversify across a broader number of investments.

Brian Pownall
Double Play Investments
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A tribe never feels 100% ready before they align on our platform

Momentum is key. When your plan is created & you align your tribe,
you’ll finally have a way to invest, build wealth, & level up together.