Tribevest and Doorvest have partnered up to help make building wealth even more affordable.

Doorvest and Tribevest are the perfect compliments when it comes to delivering an affordable way to build wealth. Doorvest has simplified investing in real estate and the single-family home market while lowering the capital to as little as $20k.

And that’s where Tribevest comes in. Tribevest makes investing in real estate a multi-player experience and super easy to pool capital so you can do your first deal (or 10th) even faster and more often.

What is Tribevest?

Tribevest is a platform to gather, form, fund and operate your real estate investor group…that also prepares your investor group to work with Doorvest on specific real estate deals.

What you can expect on the Tribevest platform:

- Align expectations and group goals
- Discuss and vote on decisions
- Pool capital securely (FDIC insured)
- Provide transparent team finances
- Start an LLC & operating agreement
- Open a business bank account (FDIC Insured)
- Purchase Real Estate through Doorvest

How Tribevest works

Gather your tribe
Pool capital
Stay organized
Purchase with Doorvest
“I’ve never used any other service or product like this.

It was a galvanizing force- we can all do it through this platform. It solves the problem of ‘how do I get my friends together.’”
- Keith Eich, of tribe LCF86 LLC
“We are looking at a lot of options.

Our mentality is that we can all invest, but as an Investor Tribe let's think out of the box and invest in something we wouldn't be able to do as individuals."
- Kevin Danni, Old Dawgs
”My friends always talked about investing together.

We reached a point in our lives where we had extra money and Tribevest was a good vehicle to use. It was the easiest way to get us all together and organized.”
– Denis Smith, PREG LLC
The process was user friendly and quite seamless.

It took little effort from us which was crucial given our daily lives and current full-time jobs. Tribevest was key to drive collaboration so we could come together on our single-family investment. “
- Katie Pearson, Nice Day Tribe
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