Ep9 The Elevation Group
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Brian Fouts
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Brian unlocks new investment opportunities with Tribevest
June 21, 2021
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Julian McClurkin: What’s up, everybody? Julian McClurkin, your Chief Storyteller. Today we have another episode of stories of Tribe-vesting. Today I'm meeting up with Brian Fouts who is actually the CEO of The Elevation Group. He helps educate people about using Tribevest as a tool to help bring investor groups together. Tune in today, and let's see how he does it.

Brian, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for doing this interview today. If we could just kind of start out with a little bit about you.

Brian Fouts: So I got my start I would say on that traditional path in life like everybody else, right? I remember I went to school, told to get good grades, grew up with a family with food stamps. But I was able to go to college, got a regular job and did that whole morale of saving the 401k. And then 10 years later, I realized that I'm doing the same thing as everyone around me, and I'm dead broke. 

Julian: How did you first hear about Tribevest?

Brian: Through my business that I run and operate now, The Elevation Group. I have a lot of connections. So one of the values that we have at The Elevation Group is we have a very large network of advisers, experts, investors, and business owners and entrepreneurs, a huge network and so what I’ve really devoted my time to in the last -- call it -- five to seven years is really networking and building up my connections around the world in the space of building wealth and investing. And so through that network, I was actually at an event, a summit, a digital summit, where there were about four of us that were speakers at the summit. And one of them was Tribevest. Travis from Tribevest was there, and I heard the strategy about what they're doing and immediately knew that was a fit for what I was doing with some of my higher-end clients in one of our coaching groups inside The Elevation Group. What we ended up doing was we actually had Travis talk to our group about what Tribevest does, and the feedback was incredible. People saying, “Let's do it now.” Everybody wanted to jump in right away. So that's how we hear what it was all about.

Julian: What was it about Tribevest that made everybody so excited?

Brian: So one of the things that we have access to through our network in The Elevation Group is a lot of opportunities, whether they're investments or group investments, accredited investor opportunities, real estate... We have a lot of opportunities. And unfortunately, a lot of people can't quite get into those opportunities because maybe it's a $40,000 investment. Maybe it's a $10,000 house. Maybe it's a $100,000 investment. [For] a lot of people that’s stretching, right? That’s a little too much of their -- call it -- “nest egg” to put into one asset. And so people are leery about doing that, which makes sense. But with Tribevest, you're able to actually go to an opportunity, maybe it's a $100,000 opportunity. And you can actually get into it with a small amount of capital, but by having a group of people that have participated as active investors, all of a sudden these average individuals, working middle class people, are actually participating in opportunities that they otherwise would never even be able to touch.

Julian: So are you only taking the returns and putting them into real estate investments? Or are you in any other sectors right now? 

Brian: We're in a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff. So our members have access to private stock opportunities, day trading strategies. We actually have ways to do e-commerce so we have a lot of members doing e-commerce setup platforms. We're actually participating in what they call “server seat time” on different strategies. Obviously real estate is a big one... buying businesses. I mean, I can go on and on. But there's a lot of different things that we have access to and opportunities. So it's pretty incredible what our members can see and actually participate. That's the biggest thing that I think has really changed a lot of people's lives in our group is that they're learning from experts through our platform. They learn from expert advisors on different strategies. They can work with the advisors, so they can actually work with the same people that helped me build my wealth. They can work with the same exact people, build their wealth team, and then access opportunities that you never would have heard of or heard of otherwise, or never be able to actually participate in. Now through what we're doing with you guys, they can do that. What's going on right now around the world, the one thing that you need to have is control: control of your time, control of your wealth, and control of your knowledge. And that is one thing that I think is lacking out there right now is that true knowledge because there's so much misinformation out there right now. People have realized that you don't have as much control as maybe you think in your life. And so getting control, especially when it comes to your time and your wealth is so powerful. 

Julian: Awesome. Well we appreciate your time. 

Brian: Appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Julian: I love it. Thanks so much to Brian! Hey y'all, to see more episodes and to hear about other people's stories, make sure you subscribe to our channel. Until next time, I'll see you next tribe.

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