Multi-Member LLC Formation

LLC Formation

Launch an investing-ready Limited Liability Corporation in minutes. Tribevest will manage the formation documents and Ohio state filings.


Partnership Friendly Documents

Incorporate your company with best practices including a configurable operating agreement and voting tools for amendments along the way. 

Move Quickly

With a few minutes of effort, you will have everything your multiplayer investor group needs to pool capital - including a bank account, automated contributions, cap table management, and common post-incorporation legal documents.

Onboarding Specialist & Ongoing Support

We are here to assist with member onboarding and serve as the Registered Agent to manage incoming communications and annual filings with the State.

Operating Dashboard

Transparent all-in-one dashboard with operating and
decision-making tools.


Collaborative Tools

Chat, message, meet, propose, invite, share, and build wealth with the people you know and trust. What was hard and frustrating is now easy and fun.

Propose, Vote, & Record Decisions

Align on the mission and goals of your investor group upfront. Collaborate and manage the ongoing business of the partnership.

Banking & ACH Contributions

Fully integrated banking provides transparency and makes it easy for each member to set up their agreed-upon capital contributions.

Fun Investing Together

Achieve more and build wealth together. Pool resources and win as a team.

Collaborative Operating Dashboard
FDIC Banking & Equity Management

FDIC Banking
& Equity Management

Instantly get a Tribevest banking account to create funding rounds. Your member can also automate and schedule ACH capital contributions. 


Banking & Capital Contributions 

With your fully integrated bank account, Tribevest makes it easy to create funding rounds. Your member can also automate and schedule ACH capital contributions. 

Transact & Invest Together 

Wire, ACH, Bill Pay, Visa Debit Card, or link your Tribevest bank account to your favorite investment platform.  Where and how you invest is up to you. 

Cap Table & Ownership Management 

Automated tracking of each members’ equity contribution with a real-time cap table for transparency and accountability. 

Ledger Management 

With fully integrated banking, Tribevest makes it easy for you to update and track incoming and outgoing cash flow. 

Annual Compliance

Streamline member KYC due diligence, transparent equity ownership tables, and ongoing automated state filing services. 


Member Due Diligence 

Streamlined member onboarding includes KYC Due Diligence required for a business bank account and other financial/investment accounts. 

Operations & Record Management 

Designed for Multiplayer Investor Groups, Tribevest offers a transparent all-in-one dashboard with operating, record keeping, & decision-making tools. 

Ongoing Filing & Compliance 

Tribevest serves as the Registered Agent we process incoming communications and annual filings with the State so you don’t have to.

Annual Compliance

Getting Started

Tribevest Multiplayer Investor Vehicle includes LLC formation, integrated business banking, cap table management, registered agent services, and ongoing state filing and compliance.

Includes Ohio state filing, ongoing registered agent services, and ongoing compliance filing fees.

Included with Incorporation

We include everything you need to start, pool capital, invest, and manage your Multiplayer Investor Group.

Entity Formation (Including documents and filing fees)

Post Incorporation Documents & Ongoing Annual Registered Agent Services

Annual State Reporting and Compliance Filing Fees

Cap Table Management & Ledger Management Tools

Business Bank Accounts and Debit Cards

Onboarding Support & Banking Due Diligence of Members

Dedicated Member Support