Buy a rental property with your friends, safely and easily.

Tribevest is designed to protect your relationships.  Our platform covers all the legal complexities and makes business banking simple.

The Advantages of Tribe Investing

Experience a new way to leverage your wealth potential. Join thousands of tribes investing millions of dollars in real estate, vacation homes, and more.
Pool capital, achieve more together
It’s simple math. By pooling capital and other resources with your tribe, you accelerate timelines and achieve more than you could or would on your own.
Spread the risk, celebrate the reward
With your tribe, you share in the risk and minimize your exposure.  As a result, you can find wealth in more deals, more often.
Build wealth with the people you care about
For most of us, our “why” comes back to spending time with the people who give our lives meaning. When you form a tribe you journey, learn, and grow together.

✨ Easy LLC Formation

Protect yourself and each other by forming a legal entity (a limited liability company). We help you do this easily in 10 minutes.
  • File your LLC in minutes
  • Protect each other with an operating agreement
  • Operate as a business in days

✨ Safe & Secure Banking

Tribevest is fully integrated with FDIC-insured banks enabling members to directly build capital in individual escrow accounts. Safely transact as a business, when the time is right.
  • All deposits are insured up to $250,0000 (FDIC)
  • Members set monthly contributions to their escrow account in minutes
  • Start banking as a business in days

✨ Collaborative Platform

Through transparency, your Tribe dashboard will help keep everyone accountable and organized in one centralized online platform.
  • View bank account balances & progress
  • Propose, vote, & make decisions together
  • Manage members, documents, decisions, & investments

What Tribes Invest In

Tribevest makes it possible for everyday people to fund their dream investments.
Integrity Investment Group
Atlanta, GA
Vacation Home
Wealth Tomorrow
Los Angeles, CA
Single-Family Rental
CBus Passive
Columbus, OH
Real Estate Syndicates
Lake Life
Charleston, SC
Vacation Home
Building Hands Tribe
Houston, TX
Local Businesses & Community
A Shore Thing
Ocean City, NJ
Buy a Resort
Generational Chain Breakers
Seattle, WA
Private Ventures
ORP Alum & Friends
Allen, PA
Multi-Family & Single Family
BF Investment Team x1
Pasadena, CA
Commercial RE - Condominium

How Tribevest Works

Tribevest is a neutral 3rd-party platform where friends come to align expectations, agree on the rules and formalize before buying an investment together. Start operating as a business in a matter of days.
1. Build your Tribe
Assemble your founding tribe members, form a mission, and set financial goals.
2. Fund your Shared Goal
Start your regular contributions into an escrow account and track your group savings.
3. Form a Legal Entity
Transfer your funding into a shared business banking account and file your LLC in any state.
4. Generate Wealth
Grow your wealth and build financial security together.

Experienced and first-time investors use Tribevest to achieve more together.

My friends always talked about investing together. We reached a point in our lives where we had extra money and Tribevest was a good vehicle to use. It was the easiest way to get us all together and organized.
Denis S.
Physician, Los Angeles
Tribevest allowed me to quickly and easily put together an LLC, fund it, and get the money invested. I didn’t have to deal with an attorney and a bank. Tribevest handled that for me. I was able to concentrate on finding and funding the investments
James P.
Financial Advisor, Columbus OH
The process was user-friendly and quite seamless. It took little effort from us which was crucial given our daily lives and current full-time jobs. Tribevest was key to drive collaboration, so we could come together on our vacation home.
Catie P.
Dentist, Charleston, SC
The best part was everyone can contribute their money knowing that it stays in their name until we are ready to commit to the LLC. This allows for a period of time for the group to fully understand the objectives before moving forward.
Brian T.
VP of Sales, Ocean City, NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tribe (group) investing?

Tribe investing is when individuals come together as a tribe to pool money and invest in real estate or other private investment. Members use the Tribevest platform to align the tribe by establishing rules (roles, goals), funding the tribe, establishing an LLC, setting up business banking, and making investment decisions through a collaborative voting process.

What does a typical investor tribe look like?

The average investor tribe has three to five participating active members. But tribes range from two to twenty-six members. All investor tribes have agreed on their first shared investment goal and its members are actively pooling capital in pursuit of that goal.   Most of our investor tribes form, start to operate, and bank as a business within 15 to 90 days.

How much capital does the typical Investor Group need for their shared goal investment?

Our investor groups have different motivations and varying goals but must have a 1st shared investment goal that typically requires $10,000 to $250,000 of capital. But we have groups with goals that only require a few thousand dollars and others in the millions of dollars.

How do I find tribe members?

The Tribevest experience breaks the old saying of “don’t do business with friends and family.” Tribevest provides the tools and methodology to form a tribe with people you know, like, and trust. Your tribe members could be part of your close network or broader network. Tribevest provides the ability to share your idea to your broader network via Facebook. It allows you to let your extended network know what you are thinking and provides your friends with the ability to let you know they are interested.

Do I need to be a real estate or investing expert to start a tribe or join a tribe?

No, the Tribevest platform was designed to assist both the beginner and the more experienced investor.  For the beginner, Tribevest provides the tools to help you form the tribe, align on the mission of the tribe, fund the tribe, form the proper legal entity, establish a business bank account, and then transact in the market. For the more experienced investor, Tribevest provides the opportunity to take advantage of any or all of the steps mentioned for the beginner.

Can I participate in a tribe and keep my current job?

Yes, Tribevest understands that for most of our customers this will be a side hustle. The platform is specifically designed to lessen the burden of forming, managing, communicating, and transacting with your fellow tribe members. Someday, it will get big enough to require a little more attention but that is a good problem to have!

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