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Make more deals & diversify your portfolio with Tribevest

Diversify your investments by asset class, market, or sponsor. By investing with a tribe, you can lower the amount of capital needed to invest in a deal. Invest in more deals and build long-term wealth together.



Start investing in real estate with
your friends and family

We use technology and automation to streamline the investor
group formation process.

Get organized
Get organized
File your LLC, open your business bank account, and collaborate with your friends - all from one platform.
Save time
Save time
Create your tribe, form your business, and start banking in less than 2 days.
Operate with transparency
Operate with transparency
The tribe’s dashboard is the single source of truth that keeps everyone on the same page.

Why This Investing Pro Invests with Friends & Family

Left Field Investors is dedicated to educating and assisting like-minded investors to negotiate the nuances of the passive investing landscape and world of syndications.

How Tribevest works

All the tools you need to form the legal and financial structure of
your investor group business.

1. Gather your Tribe
1. Gather your Tribe
Get your friends together in the Tribevest platform where you can vote on key decisions, share documents, and start operating your business.
2. File your LLC
2. File your LLC
File your multi-member LLC in any of the 50 U.S. states, obtain Articles of Incorporation, and receive a Tax ID number.
3. Open your Business Bank Account
3. Open your Business Bank Account
Pool your capital in a shared business bank account. All Tribevest accounts are backed by Blue Ridge Bank N.A., Member FDIC.
4. Invest Together
4. Invest Together
Use your pooled capital to purchase a home and start building wealth together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tribevest?

Tribevest is a collaborative platform that enables friends and family to easily assemble, formalize, fund, and manage assets together.

What is an Investor Tribe?

An Investor Tribe is a partnership entity of committed, active members who are owners contributing capital and work toward agreed upon, shared financial goals.

What is required to form an Investor Tribe?

You will need to purchase a package. Tribevest’s standard package files the LLC in Ohio, however, you may choose a custom package which files an LLC in a state the tribe chooses. After filing the LLC, the Tribe will: -Choose a name for your LLC - Choose a Registered Agent - Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement - File your Articles of Organization - Get a Federal EIN Tribevest streamlines all of the above and uses these requirements to open a business bank account on your behalf.

How much does Tribevest cost?

Activate your tribe for $249 and seamlessly run your tribe for just $29/mo (per tribe, NOT per member). Visit Tribevest Features & Pricing for more information. 

Can we file our LLC in any state?

Yes, although Tribevest's standardized Multi Owner Vehicle includes an Ohio LLC, users can pay to customize their vehicle and file in any of the 50 U.S. states.

What if we already have an LLC?

Tribevest can use your existing LLC to set up a business bank account and update your business details on the platform.