Streamline how you manage investor groups.

The #1 platform to safely operate and fund your group investments: LLC, business bank account, Operating Agreement, cap table management, distributions, taxes, and more.


Tribevest helps thousands of investors
manage their investor groups


The all-in-one investment group management platform with products and services for

Investors and Limited Partners

Form and fund an active member investment group governed by a member-managed Operating Agreement. This setup is ideal for joint ventures, partnerships, as well as limited partner SPVs.

Lead Sponsors

Create a comprehensive Fund of Fund Manager Program with Tribevest Services that unlocks the power of your investor network. 
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I truly believe investing is a team sport. Bringing people together as a community to achieve the same goal is powerful. My goal is to encourage my two sons to start their own Tribes so they can start investing in real estate with their friends and build wealth together as a team. 
Jing Johnson
Y + X Tribe
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Without Tribevest, my investment journey would look completely different. Tribevest handles the heavy lifting, from forming LLCs correctly to providing an Operating Agreement template and enabling communications among Tribe members. I'm involved in 5 Tribes and group investing has been a game-changer to accelerate my wealth-building journey. 

Eric Ward
5x Tribe Founder
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I want to be more at home, have financial freedom, and not miss critical moments with my kids. I took the leap to invest in real estate and Tribevest came highly recommended within the community I'm a part of. I am in Tribes investing in short-term rentals, buy and holds, and multifamily. It's been a great tool, I believe all boats rise together. 

Pascha Naderi-Nejad
Brick & Bloom Tribe

How Tribevest works

LLC Filing

File your LLC anywhere in the U.S.

Tribevest offers professional LLC filing services in all 50 states and services to stay compliant.

Open a business bank account

Start pooling capital from investors as soon as your LLCs bank account is opened.

Manage member ownership and capital contributions

No more miscommunication from outdated spreadsheets, texts, phone calls, or emails. Everyone has access to the same dashboard.

Ratify an Operating Agreement

Every successful investor group makes things official with a member-managed Operating Agreement.
Offering Documents
Distributions and Communications

Automated distributions and easy communications

It's easier than ever to send distributions and communications to investors. 

Tax services for your entity

Tribevest's tax partner will distribute single K-1s to all investors annually.


Partner with the investment group experts


Investor group management from start to finish

Simplify the operation of your investor group with our comprehensive suite of tools. We handle everything, from LLC and bank account setup to meticulous record-keeping and hassle-free automated distributions.

Organize and safeguard your investor group

Formalizing the investor group ensures peace of mind for everyone. Filing an LLC, creating an Operating Agreement, and setting formal procedures will ensure your relationships last a lifetime. 


Experience investor group formation in days

Occasionally, even the Tribevest team overlooks the remarkable efficiency we've achieved in setting up and launching investor groups. By streamlining the process, we have effectively saved our Tribes countless hours and considerable resources, enabling you to launch in a matter of days.