It all started when
our CEO wanted to invest
with his brothers.

Behind every great product stands a great team. Here is ours.



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Meet the team behind Tribevest.

We're people who believe that everyone should be able to invest and build wealth with the people they trust.

How it all started

Tribevest CEO, Travis Smith, dreamed out loud about building generational wealth and forever altering our family’s financial trajectory. However, he’d never been introduced to ways of private investing, and wealth-building seemed out of reach. Travis and his brothers realized that they could overcome our lack of experience and know-how if we worked together.

But they had to confront the more obvious and immediate barrier — we lacked the capital required to break into wealth-building, freedom investments. By forming and funding an Investor Tribe, they unlocked a new future and the secrets of the wealthy.

How it’s going

After 10 years in business we’re still going strong and growing each year. We’ve had a steady growth year over year and are very happy with the pace of the growth. We’re constantly adding new amazing people to our story and have quite a nice little community here.

Where we’re headed

We’re in this game to help people create and manage wealth through joint investments.

Join us on this mission

We’re looking for enthusiastic people that share our vision and enjoy helping others to join our team in the mission of bringing people with shared dreams together.

It takes good people
to do good things.

Our team was founded on this principle and we stick to it
no matter what. We're a team of entrepreneurs,
designers, marketers, and engineers.

Julian McClurkin
Julian McClurkin

Chief Storyteller

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Zach Bowers
Zach Bowers

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Travis Smith
Travis Smith

Founder & CEO

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