By Travis Smith on November 20, 2019

4 Ways to Market a Financial Dream to Your Group - and Not Lose Friends

Ready. Set. Go. Momentum is a powerful force. When you have an idea and discover a way to to make it a reality, momentum is a natural by product. However, when we start thinking about shared goals and delayed results - as is the case with many beginning and experienced real estate investors, ideas have a way of fizzling out.

So you have your tribe and are ready to grow new cash flowing investment opportunities. Now what?

The single biggest deterrent to achieving shared financial dreams is not a lack of resources or lack of capitol, but rather lack of momentum.

Frame itThe truth is that getting momentum is hard, but maintaining it is even harder.

As an experienced marketer and CMO of TribeVest, I have been part of surges in momentum that resulted in financial swells and responsible for momentum killing decisions that let the air out of the balloon.

Here are 4 marketing lessons I’ve learned to achieve your goals and help keep your tribe’s momentum pointing in the right direction:

1. Frame It

You have a goal and know that achieving that goal is better with others. Maybe you have even shared the idea with a select group of people. You’re excited. They’re getting excited.

Now you are ready to take the first step and… you tell them about a platform. Maybe a click here. A form there. And you’re on your way, right?

Wrong. Even an incredibly powerful platform - like TribeVest - that is designed to bring people together cannot create or maintain momentum.

People will create their own inertia when they feel valued and part of something bigger than them. Good marketing puts your tribe in the driver’s seat.

So, lesson number 1: Don’t rely on the technology to sell your dream. People will leave great products if the people don’t live up to the hype.

2. Name It

If you have ever been to a conference or fair, there are no shortage of “goodies” stamped with logos and mantras. This is not because marketers love convincing their bosses to pay money for things that have no measurable return… I think.

Instead, it is because there is plenty of evidence that people can associate an item with an idea and an idea with a company.

As a leader or member of a tribe you need to do the same.

Don’t worry about keeping the trinket people in business; leave that to the professionals (Ha!).

But you need to give your tribe an identify. Sketch a logo. Take some pictures. TribeVest has every tribe create a name, a motto and upload an image. Why? Because when you name something it becomes real.

Lesson #2: Make it real. Sure your shared financial dream may be months or even years away, but you give life to the idea when it starts to have an identity beyond the individual.

To help get you started, for the first 5 people to start a tribe and email me ( I will work with them to create their logo for your tribe and send you your first piece of swag.

3. Share It

The truth is the best marketing makes people think in new ways or shows them something they didn’t know before. After all, you made it this far in this blog…

Truthfully, if you think you will be any more prepared to establish a secondary income with real estate or own your first or fiftieth vacation home only because you started pooling capital, I refer you to lesson #1.

Take this time to learn as much as you can. Post Youtube videos for your tribe, ask other members questions, even think about sharing TribeVest’s awesome blog. If you do it, so will others and I guarantee that you will be surprised by what you didn’t know that your tribe does.

This is what thousands of marketers struggle with as they wake up each morning thinking about what they will post on their Twitter and Facebook pages. You have an audience that wants to be together. Take advantage of it.

Lesson #3: Make sure your tribe stays active. Even when nothing is happening you need to keep moving. Sharing, learning, discussing are all momentum building activities that will have your tribe working as one when the big moments arrive.

4. Celebrate It

Marketers live and die by their metrics. Buy from me once and I have made a sale, buy from me twice and I have gained a customer.

This may oversimplify things a bit, but the idea is the same. What is really exciting for your tribe is what they will invest in - a duplex, a condo by the beach, a cabin in the mountain.

But investments kill momentum!

Yes, you heard me right. I am not telling you not to make the investment - that is a significant reason why we are all here.

Instead, you need to continue to emphasize that your tribe is not just here to make this investment, but the one after that and the one after that.

You are not just buying a rental property. You are starting a rental business.

What is it that people say on December 26? Only 364 more days until Christmas.

Lesson #4: Your tribe is not a transaction. Celebrate the milestones, the tribe and the momentum.

I almost forgot… there’s a bonus. You are not alone either. Whether you are just stumbled on this blog while thinking about your how to start investing in real estate or are well on your way with your tribe, the TribeVest team is always here to help you along the way. Trust me, our CEO would love to talk to you and your tribe.

Which is why the bonus lesson is: Ask it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s how most of us figured out lessons 1-4.

Published by Travis Smith November 20, 2019