By Travis Smith
on June 29, 2022
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve all heard the saying: So, why are so many people ignoring that advice? When you put all your investable capital into the stock market, you’re putting all ...
By Travis Smith
on June 22, 2022
In this world, nothing is free. It stands to reason that that holds for starting an investment group. But how much does it cost to start your own group? You’ll need to file the right paperwork, get ...
By Travis Smith
on June 15, 2022
We’ve all heard the horror stories: So-and-so loaned money to his brother and now they don’t speak anymore. The couple down the street bought a vacation home with their siblings and had to sell it ...
Brittany Barchalk
By Brittany Barchalk
on May 31, 2022
For more than a century, investment-grade fine wines have generated strong returns. In this post, we’ll introduce you to Vint, an alternative asset investment platform for easily investing in the ...
By Travis Smith
on May 12, 2022
Have you ever rented a property? If you have, I bet you’ve experienced a little jealousy each month when you handed over your rent check to your landlord. It must be nice to earn passive income from ...
By Travis Smith
on May 05, 2022
We’ve all heard the saying about “too many cooks in the kitchen.” When you don’t have the right process, buying property with multiple owners can feel a lot like this. 
By Travis Smith
on April 28, 2022
You’ve heard the benefits of investment groups: Spreading risk, pooling capital, growing your investment brain trust, and more. Now, you’re ready to learn how to start an investment group of your ...
By Travis Smith
on April 21, 2022
You’ve heard all the chestnuts about building wealth: Invest in stocks and bonds, feed cash into your retirement account, live below your means. This isn’t bad advice, but in our opinion, it’s not ...
By Travis Smith
on March 31, 2022
Alternative assets are more than just “good to have.” They are essential if you want to build wealth reliably and have a truly diverse portfolio.  Saying alternative investments are essential is all ...
By Travis Smith
on March 24, 2022
NFTs are all the rage in the Web3 space—and for good reason.  You’ve probably heard the stories, people buying and selling memes, the fifteen-year-old who made a cool million by selling NFTs. You’re ...