By Travis Smith on November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving’s Most Popular Blessing

During this holiday season, it is so important to count our blessings and give thanks. Whether you are around the dinner table or connecting over holiday spirits, don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationships with those around you.  

It was during Thanksgiving when my brothers and I became frustrated that we all only got together about once a year.  

After a few beers, old stories, and tears from laughing, we’d always say, “we need to get together more often.”    

Because we meant it, it was a way to give Thanks and less mushy ways to say we love and appreciate each other.  

But over the years that annual “we should…”  blessing of Thanksgiving started to feel empty.  We challenged ourselves, “Did we mean it when we said we should get together more often?”

The story has been told a few ways, but the truth is it wasn’t real estate that inspired or motivated us to fund $500 a month to our tribe LLC.   It was making good on a blessing we’d all said hundreds of times. Our tribe business is the best thing we could have done. The wealth-building aside, it provides the discipline for us to connect deeper and more often.  

And this is what really people want;  to find meaning and joy in connecting and experiencing with others.  

So when you catch yourself saying, “We need to get together more often”, let that be a trigger for a deeper conversation with those you seek human connections.  

People ask me what is the most important step to building a healthy and successful tribe business?  Without question, it’s the first step - aligning with each other to put the human connection first .

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Published by Travis Smith November 26, 2019