Multi-Member LLC formation at your fingertips.

When it comes to partnerships, this transparent entity ensures the health of the group without the burden of complex legal structures and requirements.
LLC Filing

Benefits of forming an LLC

Flexibility & Tax Advantages

LLC's provide one of the most adaptable business structures, where all partners have a voice in decision-making and day-to-day operations. Additionally, LLCs have the flexibility to choose their preferred tax treatment, although, by default, they are considered pass-through entities.

Limited Liability Protection

LLCs offer a safeguard for personal assets of individual members (owners), shielding them against the company's debts, lawsuits, or liabilities. This protective barrier ensures peace of mind and financial security for LLC members.

Simplified Compliance

LLCs offer straightforward compliance requirements and administrative responsibilities compared to other business structures. This allows partners to allocate more time and resources to their core focus: running their business efficiently.

File your LLC and keep it compliant with Tribevest


File your LLC in any state

You can file your LLC through Tribevest in any state. Wait times and filing fees may vary and are dependent on the state.

Automated Report Filing to keep your LLC compliant

Our Automated Report Filing service will submit required state reports on your LLC's behalf. By choosing to enroll in this service with Tribevest, you will only need to focus on completing the initial report setup. Any franchise fees for your filing state will be passed through to you at the time of filing.
Ohio ARF-1
Tribevest RA-1

Designate Tribevest as your Registered Agent

Every LLC is required to designate a Registered Agent with an address in the same state that the LLC is registered in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start a Multi-Member LLC?

To file a multi-member LLC, you will need to provide the following information:

Business Entity

  • Filing State: This is the state in which you will file the LLC. The filing state does not have to be a state in which you or any of your members live.
  • LLC Name: This is the unique name of your business.
  • Primary Business Address: This is the primary address of your business. The address does not have to be located in your filing state and cannot be a PO Box.

Business Contacts

  • Primary Contact: This is the primary contact for your business.
  • Tax Contact: This is the primary contact for tax-related matters.
  • Registered Agent: This person is designated to receive legal documents on behalf or your business. This person is legally required to have a physical mailbox in your filing state, which must be checked regularly. The address cannot be a PO Box. Tribevest can establish a registered agent on your LLC’s behalf for an annual fee.
  • External Manager (if applicable): This person is authorized to run the day-to-day operations and make buying decisions for the LLC, but is NOT an owner of the business. An external manager is only applicable in a Manager-Managed LLC structure.
Can I submit an LLC under and existing entity?

Yes. An LLC can be a member/manager of another LLC, Tribevest will need the entity name and address, and the name/title of someone who can sign on behalf of the existing LLC. 

Some states will require that the LLC that is listed as a member/manager be registered there as well. For the tax contact, the IRS doesn't let other entities apply for EINs anymore. Tribevest will also need to have an individual's name for that. 

Do I need to file the LLC in the same state that I live?

There is no requirement to file your Tribe's LLC in the state that you reside in. In fact, some states make it cheaper, faster, and easier to file in than others.

Keep in mind that a Registered Agent address is required in the same state that your LLC is registered. If you choose to file in a state that you do not reside, Tribevest can serve as your Registered Agent.

Does Tribevest only file LLCs?

Tribevest is built for the flexibility of Multi-Member LLC's. When it comes to group investing, this transparent legal structure ensures the health of the group without the burden of complex legal structures and requirements.

However, we are always interested in hearing about your use case. If you think that Tribevest could work for your non-LLC use case, let us know by reaching out to

Can I change the name on my LLC later?

We recommend thoroughly thinking through your LLC name before submitting the filing. However, changing the name of an LLC can easily be done by submitting an amendment to the Secretary of State. If an LLC name change is needed, Tribevest can help submit the amendment.

Can I file our LLC before all our members are on Tribevest?

Yes! Your tribe's LLC can be filed before all of your members have joined Tribevest. In fact, we encourage it, so that when your members join, you are already well on your way to being set up. Once all members have joined, your Operating Agreement will detail each member's ownership stake and be the official record of ownership in your business.