Manage your partnership from a single dashboard.

Keep all your members on the same page with a dashboard full of operating tools.

Your Dashboard includes

✅ Visibility for all members

✅ Funding & Contributions

✅ Messaging

✅ Motions and Voting

✅ Cap table and cap ledger

✅ Full-service business account including distribution management

✅ Operating Agreement template and signature collection

✅ Document storage

✅ Integrations with Intuit, Wave, Yodlee, and more

Keep everyone on the same page all the time

Tribevest Dashboard-Funding Round

Categorize and schedule contributions with funding rounds

Start collecting contributions for your group's goal.

Contribute capital easily

Contribute capital to the Tribe's business account via ACH or Wire depending on your deadline.
Tribevest Dashboard-Contributions

Manage ownership with a robust cap table and cap ledger

Your cap table shows the percentage of ownership and capital account balance for each owner as well as a capital account ledger with a breakdown of owner's capital accounts. 

Make decisions together

Use motions to vote on approving or rejecting actions by the Tribe. 
Tribevest Dashboard-Voting
Tribevest Dashboard-Documents

Store, access, and share important documents and files

Utilize a central repository for all your Tribe's important files to discuss and collaborate on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add transactions to the cap ledger?

There are a few reasons you will need to manually add a transaction to your cap ledger. If a member wires funding directly into the business account, you will need to manually add this transaction to the cap ledger. As well as if you need to capture transactions for the business that happened off platform. 

Transactions can be added directly from banking transactions or within the cap ledger. 

How do I schedule a contribution?

In the Tribe Dashboard you will go to the Funding tab and select Contributions. You'll be able to select the funding the round you are contributing to and verify your source bank account. Enter the dollar amount you would like to contribute and the date you would like the contribution to be triggered. 

You can also set up monthly recurring contributions. 

How do I add members?

Any Tribe manager can add members from the Tribe Dashboard by entering their name, email, and phone number to send them an invitation. 

How do I create a funding round?

You can easily create funding rounds from your Tribe dashboard. From there you will name the funding round, give it a description, set the contribution range, and select a deadline. 

How do I edit cap table equity and initial contributions?

Only administrators of a Tribe can edit cap table equity and initial contributions. Tribe equity is determined by how rules and bylaws are setup initially. Equity can either be set manually or tied to member contributions. 

You can make changes as needed to the cap table with equity or reserved equity and add in officer roles.