Fully integrated business account for your LLC

Leverage a full-service business account for your partnership, built right into the Tribevest dashboard.
business bank account

Your Business Account includes

✅ KYC check on all members

✅ Send funds via ACH or Wire (fees may apply)

✅ Order a business credit card

✅ Integration with Intuit and Yodlee services

✅ Remote check deposit capture

✅ Recurring monthly capital contributions

✅ Automatically creates all members to be Payees with the ability for additional Payees

Every Tribe has a Business Account

Tribevest Banking

Business account in minutes, not days

Once your LLC and EIN are completed, we open your business account. 

Full-service business account

Everything you need to transact with your partners - ACH, Wire (fees may apply), Business Credit Card, Remote Check Deposit and more.
Tribevest Banking Everything You Need-1
Tribevest Banking Visibility

Visibility for all your members

Everyone can see what is coming in and going out of the business account at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the transaction limits for the business account?

There is no limit on the total amount an individual member can contribute. However, daily contribution limits may apply. Larger contributions can easily be split into more than one contribution if daily contribution limits are exceeded.

ACH Transfer Limits per Account
  • Credit (Daily Limit): $100,000
  • Credit (Monthly Limit): $500,000
  • Debit (Daily Limit): $200,000
  • Debit (Monthly Limit): $500,000
Card Limits
  • Purchases (Daily Limit): $5,000
  • Transaction (Daily Limit): $5,000
  • ATM Withdrawal (Daily Limit): $5,000
Can we start pooling capital before the business account is open?

Yes, the tribe can use funding rounds to start pooling capital contributions. Each member's contributions will be held in their Wallet. 

All members can track their contribution from the tribe dashboard. Once a business account is set up, the member can easily move their funds into the business account. 

How do I wire from the Tribe's business account?

From the Tribe dashboard you can send payments via Wire Transfer (fees may apply). After the Wire has been sent, you can see the status and details of your transfer like the IMAD and OMAD numbers associated. 

How do I link my bank account?

You can link your bank account from your user dashboard. You'll be prompted by Plaid to locate your bank, provide login credentials and select the account you would like to link. 

How do I add a Payee?

You can easily add a Payee in the Tribe dashboard under the Banking tab. 

What is the Tribevest Wallet and how do I use it?

The Tribevest Wallet provides each individual with their own personal account in Tribevest which allows you to easily hold and move funds from your Wallet to your Tribe and vice versa. 

The Wallet can be activated within the User Dashboard by linking a source account. 

Who manages the business account?

Only designated admins can control the movement of money in the business account. All other members simply have visibility through the dashboard.