Setup and organize your partnership effortlessly

The only platform that sets your partnership up for success with streamlined entity formation, business account, and operating tools. 

Launch your partnership in as little as 48 hours

Before Tribevest's all-in-one platform, partners would have to figure out how to manage and run an investor group on their own. Now it's easier than ever. 

  • File your LLC and maintain compliance

  • Open a business account in minutes

  • Inform and setup a member-managed Operating Agreement and have all members sign

  • Transparent dashboard full of operating tools 

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You're ready to use Tribevest when you have


A group

You'll need to know who you want to have in your Tribe before you get started. For most of our Tribes it's people they like, know, and trust, like friends and family.


A leader

Someone will need to step up and keep the group moving forward. Generally, this person kicks off the Tribe and adds members.


A deal

The best way to take action is to have a deal in mind before joining Tribevest. If you don't have a deal in mind yet, you can still get started by forming your LLC, signing your Operating Agreement and pooling capital.

Tribevest stack

Setup and run your partnership using Tribevest's platform.

LLC Filing


Formalize your LLC in any U.S. state and keep it compliant with Automated Report Filing and Registered Agent services.




Each LLC gets an FDIC Eligible full-service business account to pool capital and transact.


Legal Documents


Draft and agree upon a member-managed Operating Agreement.




Members get access to a group dashboard with the LLC's business account, cap table management, document storage and more.


Tribevest Distributions


Sending out dozens of individual ACHs each month is a lot of work. Our distribution tool is integrated with your cap table for a quick and painless distribution experience. Whether you want to distribute funds equally, individually, or by equity we make it easy. 


Distributions and Communications


Streamlined communications to keep everyone on the same page and up to date with the business.




Our tax partner takes the entity K-1 and delivers a single K-1 to each investor (service quoted on request).


Setup your Tribe in 6 easy steps

Don't waste weeks or months trying to piece everything together on your own. Use Tribevest to get your partnership setup and operating in a matter of days. 

1. Add members

Easily invite members to your Tribe with a unique link. Everyone in your Tribe will have access to the same collaborative dashboard.

2. File or upload your Tribe's LLC

File your LLC in any of the 50 states and select additional compliance services if needed. Filing times are dependent on the state are a direct pass-thru cost. 

3. Configure rules & bylaws

Decide how your group will operate when it comes to decisions such as management structure, equity, voting, when members join and leave, and more.

4. Set up your cap table

Input initial contributions or reserved equity of all members into the cap table.

5. Ratify your Operating Agreement

All of the members who are part of your Tribe will be listed on a member-managed Operating Agreement we generate for you. Each member will be required to sign. 

6. Open your business account

Experience the convenience of a full-service business account right at your fingertips, eliminating the need to visit a physical bank with your partners and endure weeks of waiting for account opening.

Launch your partnership today

Perfect for friends and family coming together to invest in a deal.


annually or $49/monthly


  • LLC filing in any state (additional fee) or bring your own
  • Full-service business account
  • Cap table management
  • Document storage
  • Funding rounds and voting
  • Member-managed Operating Agreement
  • Tribe dashboard with operating tools
  • Easy distributions
  • Streamlined communication tools

Additional services

  • Automated Report Filing: $135/yr 
  • Registered Agent: $150/yr 1, then $198/yr
  • Annual taxes: varies per LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tribevest?

Tribevest provides easy-to-use collaborating tools on a platform that enables friends and family to easily formalize, fund, and manage a partnership (Tribe). 

The platform provides the Tribe members with transparency and access to a shared dashboard.  Dashboard access includes collaboration & voting tools, documents & records, equity cap table, capital contribution tools, and balances & transactions.

How does Tribevest work?

Tribevest's all-in-one platform makes it easy to:

  1. File & form a multi-member LLC
  2. Set rules, capital commitments, and configure governance operating agreement 
  3. Add members and automate capital contributions through a business account
  4. Pool capital, and transact as a business
  5. Operate and make decisions as owners of the business entity 
What are the benefits of using Tribevest?
  1. Save time: Driven by technology, Tribevest streamlines the legal, financial, and organizational process of forming an investor group.

  2. Convenience: All of the tools an investor group may need to organize, form, and fund an investor group are provided in one centralized platform.

  3. Transparency: Each tribe member has access to the tribe's shared dashboard. As the single source of truth, the tribe dashboard contains your LLC filing details, access to your business account, shared documents, a history of voting decisions, and real-time chat. This allows the business to operate with accountability and transparency.

  4. Expert Guidance: Tribevest continues to help partners form partnerships all over the country. Our experienced support team is prepared to answer questions and offer best practices, so you can form your business with confidence.
Does Tribevest support international members?

At this time, the leader of each Tribe has to be a US citizen, and we do not support international members.

I don't have members for a Tribe, does Tribevest help me find my group?

Before embarking on your journey, it's crucial to determine the individuals you wish to include in your Tribe. In most cases, these are individuals you genuinely like, trust, and have strong connections with, such as your friends and family.

Does Tribevest help me find investment opportunities?

We do not help Tribes find investment opportunities. The platform makes it easy to formalize, fund, and manage a partnership so you can invest in anything you want. 

Does Tribevest help me keep my LLC compliant?

Yes, we help by offering two additional services which can be purchased when the LLC is filed. 

Our Automated Report Filing service will submit required state reports on your LLC's behalf. By choosing to enroll in this service with Tribevest, you will only need to focus on completing the initial report setup. Any franchise fees for your filing state will be passed through to you at the time of filing. This service is $135/yr.

Every LLC is required to designate a Registered Agent with an address in the same state the LLC is registered in. You can choose to designate Tribevest as your Registered Agent for $150/yr 1, then $198/yr.