Easy distributions and communications

Handle distributions and communications with our dashboard operating tools and ongoing services.
Distributions and Communications

It's never been easier to manage a partnership

Effortless Distributions

Say goodbye to distribution complexities! Tribevest simplifies the process, effortlessly allowing investors to distribute funds to Tribe members. With a few clicks, payments are disbursed securely and promptly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all stakeholders.

Streamlined Communications

Effective communication is vital for successful partnerships. Tribevest recognizes this and offers a powerful set of communication tools within our platform. Engage with fellow investors, share updates, and collaborate seamlessly using our intuitive messaging system. Stay informed and connected, fostering unity and shared purpose within your partners.

Enhanced Transparency

Transparency fosters trust, and at Tribevest, we prioritize this vital aspect of collaboration. Our platform offers real-time visibility into financial transactions, ensuring transparency across the board. Partners can effortlessly access detailed reports, track distributions, and monitor progress, empowering them with the information needed for informed decisions.

Ongoing partnership management is a breeze

Tribevest Distributions

Easy distribution tools

Sending out dozens of individual ACHs each month is a lot of work. Our distribution tool is integrated with your cap table for a quick and painless distribution experience. Whether you want to distribute funds equally, individually, or by equity we make it easy. 

On-platform messaging

Keep everyone on the same page with real-time updates via Tribe messaging.
Distributions and Communications
Tribe Email

Forward updates to members in one click

Use Tribe email to forward investor updates and communications to all members with just one click. Any emails with attachments will automatically upload to your Tribe documents for safe keeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I distribute funds to Tribe members?

Admins can quickly and easily send funds to members from within the business account tab of their Tribe dashboard. 

You can choose three ways to distribute funds: 

1. Equal based on the amount manually added

2. Individual if you need to customize based on each member 

3. Equity based on what is set on your Tribe's cap table 

Each member will need to have a linked source account to receive funds. 

How do I send one email to all my Tribe members?

Tribevest provides every Tribe with a unique email address that allows the founder to send an email to one email address that will distribute it out to all members.