Lead Sponsors

Build a Fund of Funds program at no cost to you.

Empower your network by creating a scalable fund of funds program.

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A streamlined and turnkey single-purpose vehicle for investing in real estate.

It's time to wave goodbye 👋🏻 to the status quo of spending time, money, and energy on building your own fund of funds program. Tribevest has created the blueprint for you. 

  • Entity formation, cap table/ownership structure management and distributions, and business account and transaction ledger management.

  • Focus on building and maximizing your relationships 

  • No more time or energy spent on managing tedious back-office work like distributions and K-1s

How the program works


Tell us your goals

Talk to us about your current state, challenges, and what you're looking to achieve.


Create your program

If Tribevest can help you reach your goals, we'll work with you to create a program that can easily scale and stay compliant.


Sit back and relax

Tribevest takes care of the fund managers raising capital for your deals.

Tribevest stack

There are a lot of opinions on how to structure a real estate deal. Our platform combines the formation and business processes.

LLC Filing


Formalize your LLC in any U.S. state and keep it compliant with Automated Report Filing and Registered Agent services.




Each LLC gets a full-service business account to pool capital and transact.


Legal Documents


All the offering documents to create a fund of funds. 

Subscription Agreement
Operating Agreement
Blue Sky Notices 
Form D Filing
Accredited Investor Verification




Members and Managers get access to a dashboard with the LLC's business account, cap table management, document storage and more.


Distributions and Communications


We provide distribution services so members get their distribution as quickly as possible.


Distributions and Communications


Streamlined investor communications to keep everyone on the same page and up to date with their investment. 




Our tax partner takes the entity K-1 and delivers a single K-1 to each investor.


Why Tribevest?

We've built out the infrastructure for businesses operating in real estate. 

How do I join your program?

If you are a Lead Sponsor looking to streamline your capital raising efforts for your deals, reach out to our experts today to discuss your goals, challenges and what you're looking to achieve. If we compliment each other, you're in! 

Do you replace my investor portal?
The short answer is: No! Tribevest compliments your investor portal. Communications and distributions flow through your investor portal to Tribevest then to those who are members of the entity. We handle all of the back-office administrative work for your entities so they appear as one line on your cap table.
Do you share my deals with your investors?
Tribevest does not compete with Sponsors, which is why we are not a marketplace. Tribevest is a neutral third-party platform that provides administrative services and tools for small businesses.