Chapter 6 of 9
How to Diversify by Market

In the sixth chapter of this nine part Masterclass, Julian McClurkin sits down with passive investing expert and community leader, Jim Pfiefer from Left Field Investors. How do you diversify by market when investing in real estate syndications?
  • Which markets are "good" markets
  • Indicators of a "good" market
  • Indicators of a challenging market 
  • Analyze the overall and sub market
  • Use your community!

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Get instant access to over 80 minutes of investment education and be well on your way to becoming a passive investor. Earn money while you sleep! Here is what all nine chapters cover.

  1. What is passive investing? 
  2. What is real estate syndication?
  3. Pros and cons of real estate syndication
  4. How to pick a sponsor
  5. How to pick real estate investments
  6. How to diversify in real estate
  7. How to pick the best real estate investment
  8. What to expect in a real estate syndication
  9. How to use Tribevest to invest in passive real estate

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Tribevest makes group investing safe, easy, and transparent.

Many of our Tribes choose to build wealth through passive investing into real estate, but the options are endless. From private equity to collectibles, Tribevest allows your Tribe to invest in anything and everything! 
We created this 9-part masterclass with Left Field Investors passive investing expert, Jim Pfiefer to share our experience with you. This is the first masterclass of many. 

Tribevest has allowed me to make 8 or 9 different investments by allocating a smaller amount of capital and combining that with like-minded individuals. Tribevest gives you the ability to form this LLC and diversify across a broader number of investments.

As I began to look for deals, I knew I was going to need people to actually help me to push the button and begin. Tribevest provides the ability to bring a group of people together, and be able to protect everyone involved by forming our own LLC.

I had wanted to start group investing for 10 years, but the admin burden was always there. The beautiful thing about Tribevest, in this larger movement to democratize and decentralize capital, is that it gives us the tools to easily organize.

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Brian Pownall, Double Play Investments
Faith Jones, Five Doves Tribe
Tre Baker, Decab Future