Participate in deals at the amount that is right for you.

Open Tribes are fully-serviced investor groups that reduce the minimum to invest in a single deal.

Tailored for your passive investing needs

An Open Tribe is fully-serviced from start to finish. Tribevest handles all of the administrative work that comes with an investor group, as well as access to a top private deal at a lower minimum. 

The fee to participate is $150 per investor for the first year and $100 each additional year which includes:

  • Entity formation and compliance

  • Adding investors to the entity

  • Ratifying an Operating Agreement

  • Facilitating the investment

  • Tax services for the investment entity and investment

  • Reminders and alerts to keep you on track

  • Fully transparent dashboard

Until I sell my triplex, I’m limited on funds. At this point in my investment journey, Open Tribes are a great way for me to still participate. The lower minimums will allow me to continue to invest and diversify, even if I don’t sell my triplex.

Carol H., Left Field Investors

The power of group investing

Open Tribes are powered by Tribevest’s streamlined entity formation and group investing infrastructure. We make it easy to join the Tribe, schedule your contribution, and keep you in the loop on the status of your investment. We can fully fund an investment in less than 2 weeks.

Open Tribe - How it Works - Various Minimums-1

How it works

Tribevest does the heavy lifting so you can stay passive.

Make a soft commitment

Take the first step to invest in the deal by filling out the soft commitment form attached to each Left Field Investors Deal Webinar. Soft commitment forms are only open for 5 days. We'll ask a couple questions to verify your commitment.

You'll be invited to the Open Tribe

After the soft commitment deadline and prerequisites for the Open Tribe have been met, Tribevest will set up the investment entity within 48 hours. You'll be able to schedule your contribution, vote on the deal, and sign an Operating Agreement.

We'll take care of the rest!

Tribevest will send the investment to the deal sponsor and take care of distributions, reports, and taxes for you.

My wife and I were able to participate in our first syndication investment because of the reduced minimums with Open Tribes.

Andy M., Left Field Investors

Don't pass on anymore deals

Without Open Tribes, passive investors are left with few alternatives when it comes to accessing private investments. 

Open Tribes remove the barrier of entry while satisfying sponsor minimums.

  • Diversify your investment portfolio

  • Participate at lower minimums

  • Get access to better terms