Scale passive investing with Tribevest Pro

Take the next step in your passive investing journey.

The perfect companion for passive investors.

Tribevest Pro serves as a back-office to streamline entity formation, banking to manage investors capital contributions and servicing distributions and K-1s.

  • Hit higher thresholds and better terms 

  • Focus on building investor relationships and your business

  • No more time or energy spent on managing the back-office work

Helping investors hit higher thresholds and special terms.

Tribevest Pro is powered by Tribevest’s streamlined entity formation and group investing infrastructure.

TribevestPro - How it Works - Various Minimums-1

How it works

Tribevest does the heavy lifting so you don't have to take on the administrative burden.

Step 1-1

Send us your deal and investor information

These insights will help to ensure you are a candidate for Tribevest Pro.

Step 1
Step 2-3

Share the soft commitment form with investors

Tribevest will create a form for you to capture investors who are interested in the deal.

Step 2
Step 3-1

Tribevest Pro setup

We make the entity formation and compliance setup a breeze.

Step 3
Step 4

Investors join and contribute

Invite your investors to join your Tribe where they will make their contributions to your Tribe's bank account. 

Step 4
Step 5

Fund the deal

Pool capital contributions to fund your deal. 

Step 5
Ongoing Services

Ongoing services

Tribevest will service your Tribe with quarterly distributions and annual tax services for the life of the deal. 

Step 6

All of this for $150 per investor

We don't take a percentage of the deal like the other guys. For $150 per investor, all of the business partnership administrative work is taken care of.