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24-year-old Creates Tribe to Launch STR Business (Episode 4)
May 22, 2021

Julian:   Jeremy, where you from , man?

Jeremy:  I’m from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Julian:  Oh nice. Um, I went to school in North Carolina, I went to North Carolina A & M in Greensboro. Yeah. Sweet basketball country man. 

Jeremy:  When COVID started, I went back to North Carolina, where my family had been doing a vacation rental at a nearby lake, and I kind of definitely seen there was a lot of interest for actually Boat Rentals. So actually started a boat rental business in March 2020 at Heiko lake in North Carolina, through doing that, talk to different, different people who are staying at different, you know, Lake houses, talk to different homeowners who, you know, had their homes listed as vacation rentals or wanted to list their houses as vacation rentals. From there, they're just like family. Word of mouth family friends actually started helping other people buy vacation rentals, you know a lot of people come to us saying like, how do we you know, buy vacation rentals and could you do it for us, essentially you know people, you know, they'll know what to do and they don't necessarily have the time to do it. So I actually had friends say, hey, if I give you money. Can you buy a vacation rental like for me, or can I invest in one of the properties you're buying on, and we're actually under contract right now for a house in North Carolina, where we have seven investors who are going in on it together. 

Julian:  Wow. 

Jeremy: I didn't want everyone calling me asking 

“can you send me the cap table, send me a copy of the operating agreement”,

I wanted a transparent way for everyone involved in this group investment from a digital perspective or digital experience.  I wanted to be seamless. And I was looking for a solution where every investor in this property could go into one platform, see how much ownership they have of the property.  I don't want people being like what's the deal with the bank account.  I'd rather, they can just log in and they can see it themselves, 

Julian:  I'm a real estate agent myself. got my license the beginning of the pandemic. So I played for the Harlem Globetrotters and then we got furloughed. 

Jeremy:  That’s amazing! 

Julian:  Thanks man. Well, not furloughed! Part!  But it forced me to kind of reinvent myself and I did some research and got my real estate license the very next month, passing the test on the first try. And then, man, the world of real estate just started opening up. Now I was always thinking about it though, with, especially with Airbnb, there's so many different ways to make money with real estate, and what I wanted you to kind of expound on a little bit more is. You had been thinking about a platform that could do all of this stuff for you or you had been thinking in your mind, this will be a great platform before you even knew about try this, you form this business where you kind of delivered turnkey investments to your investors and now a service has been delivered to you to deliver to them that streamline process, so they can see everything it's all out on the table with the agreements and all of this decisions get made jointly. I think that's amazing. 

Can you tell me a little bit about your truck members. How do you go about selecting them or how do they go about selecting you in terms of this particular tribe. 

Jeremy: I started talking about it, just posting on my social media about the various properties. And honestly, a lot of people have just reached out to me and said, 

“Hey, can we invest with you?.” 

And a couple of them, most of them are my friends who have reached out to me. In this particular deal, it's three of my three of my friends, my dad, my uncle, and then not like an extended family member. So friends and family but again the goal is to do a lot of them with friends. Friend eventually opened the door where someone can go to, and click a property on the list, and buy a portion of it and then, go to, you know, the Tribevest platform. I'm thinking ahead here but that would be the long term goal

Julian:  I love that man, that that's one of the things that drew me to Tribevest is the fact that you can go and invest with people that you really like you and want to be around people.  People who share your same values!  

Jeremy:  I've worked with my family and close childhood friend and we've done the short term rental rentals.   Now I'm trying to scale.   We've had incredible experiences and incredibly and very good returns. Now I can scale that to extended family and friends. 

Julian:  Is your tribe looking at things other than short term rentals?  I know some tribes actually invest in cryptocurrency. 

Jeremy:  So I'm 24 years old. Wow, I kind of made the conscious decision of alright if all the talent that's my age is focusing on non tangible non physical things. I'm going to focus on the most physical most tangible things I possibly could, which for me is real estate Boat Rentals yacht rentals side boats there I also have yachts third column I'm just gonna focus on really real really like you know you need, you need someone there like a physical, real experiences. And I want people to understand that I mean that it's fun, like investing in real estate investing in short term rentals is enjoyable, and it's also could be lucrative on, I actually made a tic toc. Two days ago, that was about the same as the lake house you described where we bought it for this much this year. We will actually make it this year is projected to make like 130. And it was just laying out the numbers, and it actually got has 70,000 views in a day, 

Julian: definitely got to follow you on tick tock. Now what's your tick tock name. 

Jeremy: It's just my name, Jeremy word and fleet.

Julian:  Oh before you go, I wanted to ask you about playing on UNC’s JV team!  What was that like?

Jeremy:  Well, so UNC, a lot of like, you know, major division one programs do not have junior varsity teams. At UNC history is very big and culture. Dean Smith had a JV team in which Roy Williams was actually the head coach. So then when Roy became the head coach, he kept JV and actually my head coach, Huber Davis is now the head coach for UNC basketball. 

Julian:  Oh, sweet. So it's very cool. 

Jeremy:  It's amazing to be able to see the inside. We moved to North Carolina, honestly, like our family moved because we were UNC basketball fans. We moved from New Jersey to North Carolina, literally because UNC won the national championship. We're like, we got to go.

Julian  dedication.

Jeremy Exactly. I had the opportunity to play at some small schools, like division threes, but growing up watching UNC basketball. That was what I wanted to be a part of, and whether it be you know, obviously Yeah, making the team would have been nice, but you know, that's few and far between to get that opportunity but JV, you know, was an incredible experience. For sure!

Julian:  So yeah. Cool, man. We'll have to get out on the court and get some pickup going.

Jeremy: I'm down but let me know. 

Julian: Nice talking to you soon!