Ep3 Eleven Partners & CBUS Passive

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The mission of our tribe is to invest in Alternative Investments, including real estate syndications, private lending and/or other cash flow-producing assets.
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Famous podcaster invests real estate syndicates with 11 Partners
May 22, 2021

Julian:  Well, it's a pleasure to have you here and know

Annette: excited yes yes

Julian:  All right, tell me a little bit more about yourself. Sure,

Annette  3I am self employed, and been self employed for about five years after I've helped the organization grow and it was time to like do something on my own and I am an expert in the short term rental world, aka Airbnb and I host a podcast, it's called Thanks for visiting I have a mentorship membership community. And I just want to teach all of those things to people and uplevel what it means to be a short term rental host,

Julian:  so you do short term rentals here in Columbus.

Annette Yes, and it's thriving.

Julian:   crazy, and people want to come here for short term rentals,

Annette  I was really, really interested in the sharing economy. So when I left my last position I was like, I, I want to. I'm interested in this like what, how can I be a part of the sharing economy. To be honest, I thought about Uber I'm like, I don't think that's a fit for me but my friend is a real estate developer who had some extra spaces, And he was like let's try this. Airbnb thing. I was like I really want to try it because we're in Columbus, Ohio, who comes to Columbus, Ohio, and what do they come here for started with one. You know, my app was blowing up, book, book, book, book, book, I'm like, Oh my gosh, people are coming here for all sorts of things. Let's do another one and another one and another one and it was the number one thing that friends family and acquaintances, asked me about. And so I was like wait for a second, and the reason I had gotten to Airbnb is I wanted to try some ventures on my own. I was working on that it allowed me that time and space, but then I was like wait, everyone wants to know more about this thing. You can only deny that for so long and I'm like I should probably be content and teach others what has been such a blessing in my life and allowed me It's freedom of time. And, you know, explore what was next for me. Little did I know that exploration was like what was next for me so it's been amazing, and obviously just went through COVID So that was a very interesting time but I believe it's no longer gonna be, you know, travel anywhere, people are gonna start, you know, working from anywhere not just work from home so interesting, the next spot that this goes,

Julian M:  so COVID did have an effect on shorts on a short term rental,

Annette: Immediately it was a complete shutdown like everything else, but after that, through the roof, and we are in what we call right now like revenge travel is starting. So, once something is taken away like that and it's very tangible that was taken away people are ready to, you know, check things off their bucket list, they're ready to see friends and family, and they're ready to spend some of that money, that if they were fortunate enough to make it through, and have a financial, you know, security during that time, they have some extra funds that they want to spend on making memories with their family and friends,

Julian:  beautiful, as you've heard the saying before be fearful when people are greedy be greedy when people are fearful when the pandemic first hit, I saw the Airbnb, investors, selling off, and like get rid of these short term rentals or like everybody's gonna is traveling for a while. Sounds like you double down, right, and

Annette:   those investors were over-leveraged to, they were, they weren't prepared, they didn't have any sort of emergency fund, you know, they were going, month to month trying to pay, whether it's a lease or a mortgage, they were arbitrage, or property Yeah, so the arbitrage took it to good heart during, during COVID But the people that were in it for the long term, have are going to make great gains during this time.

Julian:  This lets you know I was like, maybe into getting ready to start in arbitrage. Oh, okay, I'm talking about. I was gonna buy the couches, I like had it all in my cart my Amazon cart I was a click away from buying everything I needed to furnish the home, and then something just said don't do it. Just wait for a second, but I was, uh, I played professional basketball for traders, and we got furloughed back in March after that furlough went on we got my real estate license nice next year, next month and that's when I really started understanding this market what's going on. That being said, I think you're an excellent space, and I think it's very smart for you to invest in that but let's talk about your story with Travis, and how did you first hear about this and what's your trifold,

Annette:  I have two tribes, tribes, one is Eleven Partners, and the other is CBUS Passive

Julian:   How did you get into Tribevesting?

Annette:  I met Travis, founder of Tribevest just through my network, and I really believe that your network is completely equal to your net worth, and so I'm always working on, meeting new people, especially people doing things in the tech space and has a correlation with Airbnb because that shared economy changed my life and I'm like wait a second. This is the shared economy of investing, and I want to be on the front end of that, you know so Airbnb, was still very early to it but fell behind all like wait, this group investing shared investing I want to be at the very very front of that and this idea is going to change lives generationally and so I just started trying to find people that had a tribe or wanted to start a tribe and I went to a real estate investment meetup and the founder of that meetup.

Annette  And I didn't know at the time to I had no idea what the initial investment was gonna be I was just like, I want to be a part of it. Luckily, which was even better with this tribe is

Julian:  investing kind of stretches your mind, to show you what's possible things that you didn't think you could before when you add another person to the mix.

Annette:  One of the things that’s really rocked my world is it's not just the compound effect of all of our, our finance our finances together, but it's our network, and what we personally, you know our strengths that we bring to the table, you know, we might have somebody that can like crush it on spreadsheets and I might say hey I'm gonna go through my LinkedIn and see who we can connect with and someone else, an attorney and it's just like bringing all of that power together to is what I one of the things I wasn't really anticipating I knew the compound effect of our funds would be powerful, but not our strengths all coming together to find the deals that we want to invest in

Julian:  When I was younger I had a cousin that lived down the street from me, and we after about three years they built a swimming pool in their backyard. Now I didn't have a swimming pool but because my cousin had a swimming pool. Guess we just got some,

Annette:  My sister and I have been wanting to invest together for quite some time. We've been dancing around what are we going to do, how are we going to do it and like we trust each other, obviously, but we've heard those stories about family investing and, you know, because her and I had a wonderful relationship and we were both a little timid on, how would we do this, you know, what would we invest in. And what was great is this tribe had 11 partners I had an extra, they were asked, you know, they're like hey do you have anybody else you'd like to invite. And I was like, yes absolutely like this is such a great segue for my, for my sister to, to join in the tribe, so that's been a great way for us to be able to start our investing journey together. But with a tribe so it's not as heavy on our shoulders you know to like make all the decisions and make it work so it's us being able to test the waters together to

Julian:  kind of like you can invest with the training wheels.  the number one rule is never to invest in family or friends. That's exactly what we're doing here which I'm guessing you're doing it with the guidance of the people who have already done it before, you know, it's a turnkey investment, it's a turnkey process and that they're helping you along the way to help you write your mission statement form LLC, and come up with your goals. And I think that's that's a great way to actually start so if you guys have been thinking about investing with your family members or if you're thinking about investing with a friend but you're scared, because you know they don't have that investment document, you can now trust that Dr S will be able to help you get there.

Annette: And once you actually start to invest with your tribe as the technology is, it's really where the power is also the votes take place online, like my sister doesn't have my bank account number of the tribe leader doesn't have the bank account number like that is all secure with tribe s and so it makes it so easy when no one's chasing each other around for Hey, you were supposed to give you know your 100 bucks this month or 15 sounds like that's not happening. We just let the tech, take care of, of that you know that try best to what, what they've built makes that Swiss and much more enjoyable for for everyone, for sure

Julian:  Going forward, you're gonna probably start some more times. 

Annette:  yes, very excited about that. I have a community, a podcast and tons of podcasts, listeners, and it's all about real estate and short term rentals and we think getting an overwhelming amount of people reaching out wanting to invest with us, and instead of, you know, trying to do it on my own or being scared of it and not understanding it's like wait a second. Let's start a tribe, with our community, it's already very like-minded because they're already listening to our podcast and they obviously hear myself and my business partners voice and know what our ethos are so next up is starting a tribe with our community, and really, really excited about that and what that could bring.

Julian:  Does everybody have to invest the same amount, we're,

Annette:  we're in the decision-making process of that right now, I'm no, I would say no I think we're gonna have levels. So we'll have, you know, maybe we'll have two different tribes, and one will be a higher dollar investor, per, per person and then just, I don't wanna say lower level just a more comfortability like a smaller amount, there might be more people in that, but definitely want to see what we can do on on both of those because I have listeners that are reaching out and very clearly have different different amounts of they're willing to invest so yeah we'll probably, yeah we're gonna do two different and see how that, see how that goes.

Julian: I'm still in the infancy stage when it comes Tribevest and investing because I'm trying to form my own tribe, that kind of figure out the type of,Let me know if you need anybody else!

Julian:  I have a question, I have people who see what I'm doing. When somebody sees you doing something that they wanted to do for a long time and you just had the courage to go and do it, you know, become the expert in that field for them, like about $100 Dogecoins, a year ago.

Annette: So we're going to watch. Oh, you saw that, okay. All right. So,

Julian: last week. But now when the bill is going King, you know, my friends are like, Listen, you know, but when you show that little bit of expertise people consider you the experts I have people ask me you know about investing, when's the next, how can we invest what, what should we do with this money. Our stimulus checks. What should we do with it.

Annette  Yeah, so I actually my secondary. So my first try we all get the same about the same exact now the second tribe, we have levels. So we, we just chose that at the beginning because there were some people that just wanted to be more aggressive and had more money to, to invest, and we talked about that, hey, what's, what's the baseline comfortability, And everybody was in on that amount. And then there was some, you know other people in the group are like, Well hey, would anybody be interested in, you know, giving more, and there was half of the tribe was like, Yeah, we would and so we all just said, I mean, even I'm still getting that lower level, but I'm game for the people want to give more if that's our whole entire tribe then has more buying power, so I'm involved in a tribe, like that right now, it's, again, that's great, the platform does that for us. I actually went on before interview because I wanted to brush up and I could see every, every amount that all my everyone else in my tribe have given and what their percentage of our whole portfolio was and so I, I think it's a great way to make that happen, you know if you can, if you can combine and have a bigger, you know, a bigger pot of money, I'd say go for that. So, I, I've had. It's been great so far. Having that because it is allowed us to buy a lot more things, more quickly because that that group of those group members were willing to give more.

Julian:  I really love the transparency, then try this and everybody can see what's going on at the same time that's,

Annette:  If you know where you're at, but it's, it's, everything is right there and it's just like it at all times you know I can. I don't have to wait too much for a tribe meeting for someone, you know, gives us the perspective of like what happened last month it's like no this is everything that's going on in real time.

Julian Let me ask you this before time this gap here, there were other ways to invest in real estate syndications and just getting groups of people together, what is the benefit of using Travis over one of those other avenues.

Annette: Luckily, I had didn't invest with the group until Tribevest but within my tribe I've heard stories. Everybody was talking a big game, but when it was time to actually make it happen. And like, who was going to happen, who was gonna be in charge of the bank account, how is that money going to get there, it got kind of messy, you know, somebody my tribe like said, you know, he just, he's obsessed with his neighbors in the neighborhood kids would just come over like hey let's check for my dad and his wife was like why are people bringing us checks and it was just like sloppy and messy and a lot of room for error. And, I mean I could have taken advantage of that but the tech that's there, I just want to lean on that as much as possible, and I think it just makes things clean like I never wanted to be in charge of everyone's money. You never know what someone could fall on hard times and they're in charge of that account and then you know they have a take from it this month I will put back next month so it just made it super clean to do it this way, I just, there's the transparency there is invaluable to me, so it's just it made it a lot easier and the voting. The voting part is also just, you can see where everybody's at and it isn't like a string of emails going back and forth. That's like having that hub, everything's right there instead of trying, me trying to piece it together like, Oh, here's our LLC paperwork, here's you know our bank account here's all the email threads of what we've voted on having the how that makes it amazing the dashboard there.