Ep5 The Investors' Club

Founded by: Richard Slaughter | 40 members
Build a coalition of investors together to reach their goals. Crawfish farms included. "Why not dare to be great?"
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From Stocks to Crawfish Farm ... Let's Go!
May 22, 2021

Julian McClurkin: What's up everybody Julian McClurkin here with Tribevest. We're getting ready to talk to Richard. He's a Tribevest Founder down in Louisiana. Hope you're ready for some crawfish. I want to learn a little bit about you. Who are you? Where are you from? What's Richard all about?

Richard Slaughter: Well, my name is Richard Slaughter. I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm just a fan of magnets like tycoons, titans of industry like Elon Musk, Bezos, Cuban, Ellison. I studied these people and their story just intrigues me. Being from a small town, if you try to get from point A to F or G or Z, you got to work differently.

Julian McClurkin: One of my teammates used to tell me this... I'm a professional basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters. I'm not sure if I mentioned that. Yeah, one of my teammates told me this a while ago: It's not about knowing everything, right? It's just about knowing more than somebody else. And once you know more than that other person, you're qualified to teach that other person that one thing that you know. And with your tribe, it seems like you've got a whole coalition of people that you're helping out and you're teaching the knowledge that you've gained along the way. How did you go about building this phenomenal tribe you’ve got together?

Richard Slaughter: Man, I've been running an investor's club on Facebook for about three to four years. And then I'm like, you know what, I'm tired of people calling me, asking me for investment advice and not trying to pay me. Look, we’re going to start a group, and I called their bluff. I was like, well look, if we’re going to do this, let’s do it. Low level all contributions, low level liability. You get what I'm saying? If we want to get to $200,000, it’s easier between 40 people than 2.

Julian McClurkin: Why did you decide to use Tribevest to start that investing journey?

Richard Slaughter: I got with my friend, Anthony Stewart. He put us on Tribevest, and Tribevest really sold it because it offers transparency. It offers the technology, sophistication just for everybody to buy in. You get your own password. You get to look at the financials. Now we have an idea, and now we actually have the technology to help us do it. I'm from Louisiana, and people buy crawfish like crawfish is gold. I'm the type of guy... I'm looking at that, and I'm like, “I need a crawfish farm.” And all these people think the same way; instead of being in the line, we could be servicing the demand.

Julian McClurkin: If somebody is watching this right now, and they're like, I want to join up with Richard and his tribe... Why should they join your tribe?

Richard Slaughter: Why not dare to be great? Let's dare to do something different. We have our projections, our goals, our numbers. We have energy. That's the biggest thing we have, the energy to do this, to do the work, to do the research and the brain power. I just think that's important. You want people that are gonna be on. You want someone that's gonna be looking at the stock tickers, who's gonna be into these blogs, into these conversations. And that's what we offer. We offer passion, and we're gonna do everything colourfully so you got to see us. And we're gonna do it with a smile so you know that we're having fun. So if you’re looking for something different, extraordinary like organic, too, grassroots. You know, let's go.

Julian McClurkin: So there you have it. Low level contributions equal low level stress. If you want less stress in your life, go to and invest with your friends today. I'll see you there.