Ep6 WC Partners Tribe

Founded by: Dr. Jina Foltz | 15 members
Together, our combined resources and skills will allow us to go further faster.
Multi-Family Property
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College friends form professional group, then an investor group
June 2, 2021

Julian McClurkin: What does being a chiropractor, finding your life partner, and your tribe members have in common? Stay tuned to find out. So, do you have like 12 members in your tribe, and who are these members?

Dr. Jina Foltz: We actually have 15 total members. So it's seven couples, and then, one very passive investor. Most of us met in chiropractic school, and we've kind of did life together, so we've known each other for almost eight years now. The others we've met at different conferences. Two of the couples were already married before they went to chiropractic school. Everyone else met and married their significant other in chiropractic school.

Julian McClurkin: That is awesome. So all you have to do is go to chiropractic school. Everybody who's listening, if you're looking for your significant other, go to chiropractic school. That's easy,

Dr. Jina Foltz: And you'll never have to pay for chiropractic care again.

Julian McClurkin: When did you first hear about Tribevest, and what was that thought process like?

Dr. Jina Foltz: We first heard about Tribevest about a year ago because one of our friends in our tribe has another tribe. And he was saying, “I’m doing this really cool thing. All of our friends are putting money together. And we're investing together.” And immediately, we thought, “This is awesome,” right, because we did want to eventually invest, but it would be this much of an investment. So, as soon as that person brought it to our group, it was like the perfect fit, and everyone, not a single person in our group was not excited about it.

Julian McClurkin: And this tribe is called WC Partners Tribe? What's WC stand for? 

Dr. Jina Foltz: Winner’s Circle.

Julian McClurkin: Nice! I like it. What is the mission, or what are some goals that you and your tribe have?

Dr. Jina Foltz: I think the main goal is to really create good, solid retirement, and create a legacy. So all of us have decided that this is not going to be something that we're going to want to start investing and get cash returns next year. We're really looking for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, and potentially just kind of leave that alone. And that's because all of us do have really great practices that we're not really thinking in the moment to get rich quick. It's more so long-term investing.

Julian McClurkin: What are some of those assets that you guys will be investing in?

Dr. Jina Foltz: We have decided that we are going to be starting with multi-family homes and then potentially commercial properties. But for right now, multi-family homes.

Julian McClurkin: For your future within Tribevest, can you see yourself maybe ever starting another tribe or encouraging others to join your tribe?

Dr. Jina Foltz: Yes, so since we’ve joined Tribevest, another Tribe-vestor and I have actually started a mini tribe. And within our community as well, as we’re meeting friends and we're talking about Tribevest, we're also looking to start another tribe. So these are kind of different. I feel like you can get hooked on investment.

Julian McClurkin: So you have a couples meeting coming up. 

Dr. Jina Foltz: Yes, we actually, we actually have a monthly meeting coming up this weekend, and we actually would love for you to join. We only typically meet about 30 minutes to an hour. Would you like to come?

Julian McClurkin: Absolutely! I'll be a third wheel.


[Video call. WC Partners Tribe Monthly Meeting]


Julian McClurkin: Can I ask the group a question? I see a lot of you are married or have spouses. How did you get your spouse to go along with you on your investment journey?

Dr. Jina Foltz: I do think that we pretty much do, like I was talking to you Julian, that we kind of did life together. So when somebody has a good idea at the office, we kind of all tag along with it if the idea is good enough.

Tribe Member: I also think that Tribevest has given us all a healthy platform to be able to talk through a lot of these things. It's also something as far as accountability. You can see each month that people are actually saving the money that they say they're saving.

Julian McClurkin: Anything you do individually, it's only magnified when you have a team and a collective supporting you. And I can't tell you how hard it is for a lot of other people -- I'm one of those people -- to find a group of people who share and support the values that I have personally so much so that they're willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Julian McClurkin: What an amazing story! You see that you never really know where life can take you. They started out as classmates, now life-partners, and investors. If you guys want to learn more about how you can start an investment tribe yourself, go to