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Founded by: Brian Pownall | 6 members
Together, Double Play Investments will diversify our asset allocation into alternative assets such as multifamily real estate. The group will build wealth and collaborate together to identify top tier investment strategies.
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Learn how Brian is able to diversify with multiple tribes.
December 21, 2021

Welcome back to stories of Tribe-vesting season two, we're getting ready to bring back Brian Pownall who started a six person tribe. But once he started one, he couldn't get enough. He started two more. 

Remind our viewers a little bit more about how you got started in investing.

Like many of the listeners was investing 99 to 100% equities and ETFs you really start to do some research and go down these rabbit holes of what the most wealthy people in the world are invested in and it's not stocks. It’s real estate and venture capital. I had not a small sampling of this a year ago, over Thanksgiving I read a book about real estate and it just lit a fire inside of me. So it's been a wild ride the last year since we spoke last time, actually participated on the active side and just closed on a 138 unit apartment in Boston. Yeah, so big, big first splash. So yeah, I've been doing a lot of passive investing in the room, but yeah, also stuck my foot more than stuck my foot and jumped in the ocean on the active sites.

Where's your six person tribe that you're a part of. Can you tell us about some of the investments you guys have made? 

Started off with a single tribe it was with a property in Lafayette, Louisiana, it was more of a proof of concept. It was figuring out Tribevest. The banking, how it's gonna work. It was with a couple individuals that really just wanted to make a single investment. But it was a matter of weeks after having made that investment that I saw the power of using Tribevest for these types of real estate investments. Join really within one week to two other tribes to start it up. One I'd say was with maybe higher net worth individuals that all wanted to put in as far as 25 to 35k a year. We've taken down three different assets at this point and the goal is continue to just re up that investment year over year. The second one was a larger tribe that I'm just a member of. It's almost got 15 to 20 people on it. And so that's more non accredited, smaller investments. We've done two properties and there's all those individuals in that tribe are extremely passionate as well and would like to re up next year and so I see both of those tribes going forward. Making anywhere between two to four purchases a year and I'm really, really excited about that. And yeah, maybe there's maybe there's another one coming down the road but it's that's a good split right there because I've got one where I can make the small contributions and kind of diversify and this other one is couple of doctors, oil and gas trade or Silicon Valley gentlemen. And so we come from different avenues of life but we're looking to put to get put to work a little bit more money and have deeper conversations around investments.

Do you envision yourself being able to achieve the success that you have so far without Tribevest?

Honestly, no. Big reason is capital. My wife and I have personally made a couple investments outside of Tribevest individually. We're kind of capped out at one a year after that and so, Tribevest has allowed me to make now eight or nine different investments by allocating a smaller amount of capital and combining that with like minded individuals, the beauty about tribe versus if you're a fan of diversification, it gives you the ability to form this LLC and diversify across a broader number of investments.

Huge thank you to Brian Pownall. I can't wait to see where his investments are going to grow to it's going to be amazing, but if you want to get involved with try vest go to and start your tribe today. Until next time, I'll see you next tribe.