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Find out what sparked Chad to quit chasing the shiny object and put his learnings into action.
November 29, 2022

I want to know what got you started in your investment journey.

I literally wrote a blog about this on our website, but I said it was because of a woman. She brought up to me that she was looking for other income streams. And it clicked with me. I'm like, that sounds like a really good idea. And I started digging into it, watching a podcast or listen to podcasts, like read books and audiobooks and stuff like that. And I just got bit by the bug. And I went down the rabbit hole. And she hasn't invested in anything. So she put the spark in me and she hasn’t done any of it sadly.

What was your first investment?

So I chased the shiny object for a long time and started looking at single family setups should I buy and rent, should I flip, should I wholesale and have tried to start a wholesale business wasn't for me, but I was networking with people I wanted to get to connect with. Chased that shiny object and never bought anything. Ran into Jim Pfiefer, who mentioned this passive investing world. So my very first investment was related to a syndication in Cleveland, Ohio, a 17 story-building that they're converting from an office space to residential, but it's a fun building to just even talk about. Yeah, that's the first one. 

Golly, if my first investment was a 17 story-building, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything.


I mean, I had somebody tell me like, well, if you buy a single family home that's distressed, maybe you buy it for $50k then you put $25k in for the rehab, that's $75k total. Again, you can take $75k Total in and go get in passive investing and maybe three deals and you don’t have to lift the hammer, check a toilet, screen a renter. You can avoid all that and that sang to me because I was in a W-2 that I just couldn't figure out how I was gonna scale in the single family world. So it opened up a window that like finally, that's my avenue to go after my goals. 

So fast forward to Tribevest, how did you get involved with the company? 

So I've heard a lot about Tribevest through the community, Left Field Investors, and got introduced to them. I had gotten to the end of my capital, where I only had 30 grand left. I'm like, well I can go out and get one deal. But I dug into the Tribevest aspect and I'm like, wait, this sounds interesting. Let me dig into this further. I got asked to be the head of it, the president of it and so forth, which I loved. I was able to then take that 30 grand and get into five deals instead because of how it’s spread out.. So I love the idea of it, it got me very excited about tribes, because it stretched that money that much more. And I was in a mode of trying to meet new sponsors anyway. And this allowed me to meet four new sponsors that I would not have met them.

Do you like being more hands on with your investments?

I enjoy the aspect of digging into the deal to begin with. I love the passive side that's the only time happening, and then I just watch the quarterly reports after that. I’m enjoying that a lot.

Seems like Tribevest gives you a good mix of being able to be as active and as passive as you want? 

100%. Even running the tribe has allowed me to really get to know the tribe members better, which was part of what I was trying to do, was network more. I didn't know any of them, just one of them, really. That’s about all I knew in our group of nine. So I got to be active with it, get them to participate, get them educated on the process and the tribe process itself. And then it slowed down again after kind of we got everything up, got all the capital invested everything like that. It works again, so I didn't have to chase it all the time. And Tribevest did a nice job of making it very easy for us to go through that process. 

Are you the tribe leader of all your tribes? 

I am, two of three. So the first one was leadership and I got involved with people from the community. It was a mixed bag of some that have been investing in some that were newer and wanted to learn through the tribe. Let somebody else kind of help them along, which was a great mix because you learn a lot from the newbies asking questions you might not ask because you think you should know the answer, and the veterans will be able to help along the way as well. The second tribe I got into it's kind of actually a spin off of that tribe. It's just me and my two kids that I told them everything that came out of the first tribe I'm gonna put in our family tribe and that'll be for you to get you engaged. I've got two teenagers so it got them into the space to watch and see how this works. Try to get excited about it and help them get started anyway. 

Is that working?

It's working. It's working pretty good, right now. They've done well so far. 

That’s awesome!

Out of the five investments we got into, we've had two go full cycle within 15-18 months. 


Then flipped all that cash into the family tribe, and we've been able to re-invest into big equities. Hopefully, big equity wins. 

How can people get into contact with you?

Sure, they can go to our website or you can send me a direct email at

Wow, what a great story. And if you wanna learn more about creating generational wealth for your family, just go to Until next time, I'll see you next tribe.