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Learn How this Savvy Investor Gets Into More Deals

Founded by: Paul Martinchuk | 18 members
Invest in a convertible note offered by Nevada Canyon Gold Corporation (NGLD). Conversion to equity shares is anticipated within 6-12 months of note issuance at a conversion rate that will potentially yield total returns of 2-3x.
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Learn how Paul's tribe is investing in convertible notes at startups.
January 18, 2022

Hey what's up everybody? Welcome back. My name is Julian McClurkin, your Chief Storyteller with Tribevest. Today we're going to talk to Paul Martinchuk. Paul is open to any kind of investment. Today we're going to show you how his tribe of eight were able to 2x their investment, all that and more on today's episode. 

I want to get into your story first. Who are you where you're from? And also how did you get started in investing?

Hey, great to be on. My name is Paul Martinchuk. Currently, I'm a CFO at a tech startup, venture capital backed. But prior to that, I was in finance and in healthcare. You know, I'm not married to any one particular asset class. I think with me, we look for really the best, highest risk adjusted returns wherever they come. From, whether it's notes, whether it's real estate, whether it's venture or even though ventures long term and risky, but really just looking for great, cool deals all over the place.

So Paul, for the viewers that don't know, can you kind of define what venture capital really is?

So essentially, I'm part of a couple of groups that get access to startup deals, there are startup companies that are getting funded in rounds, A, B, C, D, what have you, and they're looking for money. And typically there's minimums, approximately $250,000 minimum to invest into various rounds and what have you and so what I mean by getting involved in tech startup investing that are venture capital backed would be getting into those types of deals, and typically going in together with a network of individuals so that no one individual is putting in 200 grand usually going in with essentially smaller checks, so that we could form a group a Tribe and SPV can invest into those types of deals. Is that responsive?

Yes, very much so. So you were doing these SPVs before you linked up with Tribevest?

Yes, that is what yes, I'm doing that as well. And I linked up with Tribevest actually, not for one of those venture backed deals, but we actually agreed. We did a deal I focused on like convertible note ahead of a crowdfunding offering for a public company for instance. 

And can you kind of dissect what convertible notes are?

What you're doing is you're buying a note. So essentially, you're giving a company a loan, but as a note holder as a lender, you have a right to convert in and become an equity holder. Six months after the note is issued this convertible note if all goes well will end up converting into equity, close to two half maybe three times the original investment, which means you get to 2x two and a half x or money and less than many years, which is pretty darn unheard of. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about your tribemates? 

So in our tribe, we have folks that are doctors, business owners, an attorney, a Google Senior Software Engineer, so it's really individuals from all walks of life but who are looking to take ownership of their financial success.

Well, if you're looking for another tribe member, I would love to start learning how to invest in notes.

We're considering another startup investment right now that has incredible upside.

Where can people find you? Can you kind of give us some of your socials and best places they can look for? 

Yeah, sure. I think probably the best place to look for me would be on Linked In. I'm the only one with my name and my last name, and reach out and I'd be glad to connect.

Huge thank you to Paul to find out more about how you can start your very own tribe go to Until next time, I'll see you next tribe.