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Former executive turned real estate investor.
January 4, 2022

Today I'm catching up with Pasha who is actually an executive with Nike ASICs and Adidas. Today she's gonna show you how she went from running those businesses to now running her own. All of that moral today's episode. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about you. Where you're from and also maybe how you got started in investing?

I'm from the Pacific Northwest, as you can see represented by the National Parks behind me. From Portland, pretty much grew up here but definitely have had a nomad journey across the world. I lived abroad in Europe for 10 years. So always had this I would say, entrepreneurial spirit. I worked for Adidas and Nike and ASICs. So definitely entrenched in sporting goods industry and what's really driving me is I want to be more at home and be more of my family and have financial freedom and combined with my experience and values. This was a really good fit. I was constantly on the road before and missed a lot of critical moments in my kids lives and yeah, I don't want that lifestyle anymore.

What drew you to real estate investing above any other type of investing stocks, bonds, Bitcoin, that type of thing?

I've always been highly interested in real estate but didn't know how. Like it felt scary and unattainable and I was part or am part of a pretty extensive national network. And this is how I was actually introduced to Tribevest was through The Flipstress. It's a great community for women investors. Tribevest was really highly recommended within the community as being somebody you want on your team. After six months of really deep education and started flipping and also doing short term rentals as well as a buy and hold and I have a duplex as well.

Are your partners all local and are your investments all local as well?

No, no, definitely my partner. I've had a couple of different partners but probably the one I am working most closely with and where we're going to most likely form an entity but we're partnering on all deals going forward is local. Our investment investors are all national because I'm in this national network of women investors my private money lenders have all been national. My hard money lender is based out of Colorado but I have a Portland contact.

Are you thinking about recruiting or getting more people into different tribes with you?

Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I mean, I see us having a depth of different LLCs.

So what I'm hearing is that there are spaces available and you might have room for 6’8” 235 pound basketball player in one of your tribes?

100% like let's all do this together. The more the merrier. I believe all boats rise, I have this abundance mentality.

Huge thank you to Pasha and if you're interested in starting your own tribe, make sure you go to I'll see you next time.