30A Freedom Fund

Raising $150,000 in Three Weeks

Founded by: Bill Konves | 12 members
Large Real Estate Deal
Multi-Family Property
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Build wealth through ownership
Bill is investing in multiple deals for three years through another Tribe Founder.
October 4, 2022

What’s up everybody, Julian McClurkin, your Chief Storyteller for Tribevest. Today we meet Bill Konves, a passive investor who just met his tribe mates about a couple of months ago. All of that and more on today's episode. 

What’s up Bill. Hey, good to see you too. Thanks for joining us today. Stories of Tribe-vesting. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What got you started with investing and Tribevest?

I'm also from Columbus and I bought several rental properties. At one time I had 28 rental properties, flipped maybe three or four houses. And I've done some investing in that sense and some hard money lending. So one of your founders used to be my neighbor Josh and he was telling me about Tribevest. I thought it was a really cool software program or cloud software and I didn't really didn't have a use for it at the time. But then I started working with a client of mine, that's a successful real estate investor in Little Rock, Arkansas. And he's got a mastermind group. He has a Facebook group with lots of followers, and he was talking about how can I get people more involved and I said, you know, there's a software called Tribevest. And I think that we could get your tribe, you already have a tribe. Get them in a tribe with you because they want to know what you're doing on a daily basis in real estate and have them buy into you and so I got Josh, one of your founders, and Paul hooked up and we had a meeting and we put together tribe. We sent that information out and said, Hey, do you want to invest with Paul, you follow Paul, about investing with Paul falling deals, and within like three days, we had 20 people that wanted to sign up. 

What, that’s cool.

So we put a minimum like 10,000 I was person so we could have at least start and have some money to deal with Paul. And then we raised $150,000, within probably three weeks. Oh my gosh, and Paul did his first deal with it because he's always buying and selling so he said, Alright, we're gonna do the first 150 in this deal that I just bought, I’m in contract with and so we've done three deals since in that tribe and we've all had the opportunity to put in more money as well.

That's so cool. And the money just stays there. And they get a constant return.

That's a good question. So one of the things that we agreed on upfront we said look, if you're gonna put money in, we want you to put money in for three years. We want this to be a three year investment. So we could run this the course and then actually make things more efficient and we can see a bigger return and so.

Are those investments down in Little Rock or are they all over? 

They’re all in Little Rock.

Okay, so and what was good for Paul now he's using it as his, you know, he's self banking. With this tribe. Yeah, we all trust Paul. And Paul's like, Hey, I got a deal. We got a little rock and whatever. And these are their 12 people and none of us know each other. 

Oh, wow.

They all follow Paul. Yeah, but the 12 of us. We've never met.

I know you don't know specifically who they are. But do you know anything about your occupations or backgrounds?

From what I know, I would say that every one of them and the ones I do know a lot about our real estate investors. They're moving into real estate. Many of them have day jobs working for the man. And they're trying to figure that life out to get away from that. So they're all trying to invest in real estate and that's why they signed up for Paul and then this is the first time that I joined. Since they follow Paul. They know, like, and trust Paul, they want to learn from Paul they got in his drive because they want to be full time real estate investors.

How long have you been involved with Tribevest? 

It's been about a year, one year for the first group. 

Where do you see it going forward? You know, after the third year goes, are you going to continue to invest in that one? Are you going to start some more tribes?

I’ve started a second Tribe. Oh, yeah, I wanted to do some investing myself. If you're talking about all this real estate and talking about this investing. I sold a lot of my properties but I wanted to get in more hard money lending. Yeah, I'm getting older passive income. is great. So hard money lead. And I sent an email out I'm like, You know what, I should have my friends do this with me. So I send an email out to like, 15 of my friends and tell them we're like, yeah, man. Let's do it. Yeah. So we all put in money and we are buying quality policies, because we know I can trust Paul. So we have 10 guys, that all put in funds and impulse bringing us deals

Do you think diversity is in your future or do you think you'll always use Tribevest solely for real estate investments?

Well, I read the stories, I read the stories of your founders and the horse races and art and everything else. And I'm like, Yes, I try to push our tribe, my tribe members, my friends, I like to push them further and take other avenues so I can see that happening. Yeah, after we get the first couple of real estate deals under our belt. You know, when you're all out and you're on guys trips, you're like, hey, we could buy a yacht. Hey, we can do this. Well, I saw it. We were on. We rented a yacht, a guy's trip not long ago for the day. And we were all out there and we were all talking about Yeah, we could do this. We could rent this. We could buy one I'm like, actually, you know, we could buy one. Yeah, there's this thing called Tribevest. We can all put our money in and we can all start right now. But it does know that a month in and then you know in five, six years we might have that yacht, we're all sitting here laughing about, we can go by it. If you're creative, and you spend more time with your tribe you can come up with all kinds of ways to invest. 

A huge thank you to Bill Konves and look if you want to learn more about Tribe-vesting go to Tribevest.com. Until next time, I'll see you next tribe.