Abundance 2021

Running an Investment Tribe from the Road

Founded by: Chad Corbett | 10 members
Invest with those your trust to reach higher levels of wealth and freedom.
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Chad runs his companies and builds wealth from anywhere in the world.
September 13, 2022

Welcome back to Tribevest. I'm Julian McClurkin, your Chief Storyteller. Today we talked to Chad Corbett, who was able to raise millions with his tribe from a fifth wheel. All of that and more on today's episode. 

Chad, just looking at your background there, I'm trying to figure it out where exactly are you taping from?

I am in my toy hauler slash office slash home. For the last year I've actually been living in 23 states traveling the country. Kind of getting ready for the next chapter of life.

Kind of just give people a little bit of a background about you.

I grew up very modestly. I mean, we grew up growing or hunting 90% of our food in West Virgina. Didn't come from money. I didn't really have a financial education. I started out in law enforcement and then was recruited by the FBI right out of college, ended up leaving that on principles. Went into real estate around 29 I became unemployable. I was living in Maui. On Kaanapali Beach. We managed about a billion dollars worth of pre construction closings during the financial crisis. Completely hit the reset button and 29 years old. Said I'm gonna find a way to earn six figures so I can live and give the way you want and be able to run it from an iPhone anywhere in the world. So it's on demand. So some folks in my life that were accredited, didn't really know that world like they they've done the typical thing. You know, fix and flip and hold, you know, residential real estate that I started to collect these before and those people started to ask questions. So Bitcoin was trading at $12,000 I discounted that to $8,000. It's still papered for me and then Bitcoin ran to $60,000 for the next six months, hit hit went on a tear it finally hit. And in less than a week, were able to find almost a $1.2 million investment with 10 members and 11 natural people. Tribevest that's made a lot of that possible.

What is that thing that Tribest offers to you, that has made your life easier?

Oh, it gave me a central point of communication that included you know, it's a hub between the members, the bank, the legal documents, the attorneys. It just puts everything in one place and I think it's an incredible value. And I'll be honest, I have enough time in the platform because it's been so easy. I haven't needed to spend time in there. I go in when I need to and look at banking and you know, we can do group communication through it. That's what I've got the most value out of is just go ahead and post a quick message and it hits everybody.

Alright, can you tell me like what's next for your tribe?

Next, I’m starting a family group. So I have other family members that you know now or like, even do they're starting to ask right? They don't have the relationships and they don't have the tools and they don't know how to do it. So I'm now looking at using Tribevest to create a less sophisticated group, but they're not looking to aggressively invest they're looking to preserve wealth and accumulate.

Thanks so much for your time and see you on the next one.

Thanks for having me. I wanna do anything to support you guys and happy to have found a company that does what you do, finally. 

Huge thank you to Chad Corbett and look, if you want to learn more about making your own tribe, then all you got to do is go to Tribevest.com. Until next time, I'll see you next tribe!