The Power of Investing as a Family

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A family legacy is beginning.
September 20, 2022

Hey what's up everybody? My name is Julian McClurkin, your Chief Storyteller for Tribevest. Today we talk to Jing Johnson who uses Tribevest to help build wealth and leave a legacy for our family.

Where are you? Where are you from? And tell me a little bit about your investment journey. 

I was born and raised in China and come to Houston in 93. I had my architecture degrees and worked a couple years in China before I moved over here to get my masters and work in architecture firms for few years before I started my own business in 2005 there. I have two boys. One the younger one just graduated, graduate from college. Tribevest stories started with them. 

You said that your sons are involved in your Tribe? 

My husband and I we are working in commercial real estate industry, right. So every day we work with developers, brokers, and we always want to get into commercial real estate investing. We started investment 2009. So we have done a few deals, we start investing with some clients, a couple of clients and also start engage with LeftField Investors group. The two deals we invest in with a Tribe are basically by their recommendations. 

Awesome. How long have you had your tribe? 

It has been just a few months. My parents when they sold their one of their rental property earlier this year, and they want to give it some money for my boy. And they were originally they were talking about oh maybe it's for their wedding or you know house downpayment or something like that, right contribute to that. At the time. I was investing in some LeftField Investors group on a couple of deals, other deals. And I thought, you know, this could be a great legacy. You know, story for my parents that instead of give them money to spend, why don't you I'm going to invest two deals, why don't you contribute that for my boys into those deals and just you know as a tribe, so the family legacy can carry on. So that's how we put these together. The name of the tribe is actually the initial my two boys name initial and my parents initial.

Oh, that's awesome. I think that’s so cool. My wife and I did something similar for our son, he turns two this weekend, actually. When we went when he was born, we bought a house for him. And so when he turns 18 That house is his whether he sells it and takes the profit from it, or lives in it and goes to college. Or starts a business, whatever he wants to do with it. That's his, you know, we figured that was something that was going to be able to appreciate and grow as he grows. Right. 

That's a great idea. Yeah, that's great idea for my boys, my sons. I really want them to also start their own tribes. I just think this is very hard for them for young people to get into commercial real estate investments. For them to just start to learn, get the knowledge and get experience with Tribevest.. They can start their own and there's so many options. I never feel I have enough money to invest in all the deals I want too. So I want them to be able to go to that path and invest with their friends as well. I really want to help that next generation of young professionals to get into the game. 

How old are your boys? 

25 and 21. He's just getting started. Just get started but he's very frugal. He basically spent a very small portion of his paycheck and most of his money goes to investment. 

Wow, that discipline at such an early age. I couldn't imagine.

Tribevest is raising a million dollars on WeFunder and you decided to contribute to that. What came behind that decision? 

One I really believe  investing is  like a team sport is how you bring two people together as a community have the same goal and the both together. Secondly, I really can relate to you know Travis the story personal story how he started it was his brother and now I want to my sons, two brothers, you know to invest together. I feel like I can leverage his success as well as mine. So I can focus on building my business but also part of their his journey to build his business. So that's why I am a firm believer it’s going to be a big success. 

Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. Thank you for your candor and just being open and honest and talking to us today. We appreciate it. 

Oh, thank you so much, Julian.

Huge thank you to Jing Johnson. Thanks so much for taking your time out and talking to us today. She's a Tribevest true believer. And if you believe in Tribevest too, go to Tribevest.com to invest as a Tribe today.